#Ulog (25) - The Meaning of a Friend

in ulog •  9 months ago

In this world, you can not live alone. You will always need someone who can calm you in all situations, namely friends. How important their presence, to the extent to create many words of wisdom of friendship inspired by this human relationship.

Not infrequently, the word wisdom of friendship arises when disaster comes to you. Their figure is like a candle in the dark or a lighthouse in the middle of the sea that shows you the way. He is the one whom God gives to accompany you through the twists of life in this world.

For that, be grateful for a great friend who has been given to you.


A friend and friend are two different characters. You can have thousands of friends out there, but you only have a few people as friends. You got the best friendship wisdom words from your best friend.

Having a friend not only has one or more people sharing the story. Good friends are those who always try to share the best example of life.


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