#Ulog (22) - The Meaning Of A Life

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Hello there Uloggers! I'm back for my 22th Ulog post and enjoying the day today! :)


Finding happiness is actually not difficult, because happiness comes from ourselves. When our mind is always positive, happiness will come easily. Conversely, when thinking of negative things, it will only hinder and make our lives full of pressure.

Bad things that have happened yesterday, leave it and do not let that experience bother you. Step in and make a new experience for your life.


Be humble to you like the star that appears to the witness in the shadow of the water when he is high up there. And do not you become like smoke rising by itself, as if towering to the clouds when it just disappeared without the impression

In this life, there is a "word", not knowing the time. Say it and Write a good word, because writing and words will last forever even when the body no longer exists in this world

If life is a competition filled with challenges and obstacles, then true life will help each other despite having to give up in that competition. Because in the end the champion is not a win but a memorable one

Patience is very bitter taste, but who would have thought in the end will feel sweet

What is the real kind of patience? Forbearance in thinking and acting, in distress and suffering, even in happiness we have to be patient

How does life tell us that this world is just a haven? Just look at the death of almost every second undermining anyone and anything that animate

Life is like a wheel that sometimes is above and by itself will spin. There is a moment of birth, there are times when we go. There are times when we are hard, there are times we are happy. Life just waiting for a turn

A true heart pearl is not a word. But the loss of thirst when we have found our identity

The greatest achievement in life is not the success that leads to wealth, but the desire to share success with those who have not got it

The important thing in life is not what happens, but what's behind it

Realize your folly, then you will get so much that you do not know in this life

Every mistake is not a symbol of ignorance. Because error is the beginning of learning toward understanding and truth

Live like a candle that is willing to illuminate the darkness even though he must melt and disappear

We are what we think. Life will be easy if we believe that the ease is there, otherwise it will be very difficult to live this life, full of trials, loads, and various fears that we actually create through our own mind

It's easy to give advice rather than do it. But what is wrong if the advice we give will reduce one's sadness. What is wrong if our counsel prevents a person from the loss of an innocent soul (read suicide)

In life there is a name of gratitude that we say when we get happiness. But what is the real meaning of gratitude. Not!! But grateful for the favors and trials is the true nature of gratitude

There are always two things in life, up and down. Sometimes we do need inspiration to just be in the path of life that fit and not thrown out

The advantage of those who succeed is that they have realized early in the danger of failure

And the greatest failure is when we do not know that there is such a thing as "trying" in this world

When we are called winners in life that's when some say we are losers. So be the real winner, who spreads happiness through words and actions instead of promises

Why many of those who say successful, rich, smart, parlente, and exist but in fact they are lonely, their lives empty. One thing is certain that the embers of faith in their hearts have been extinguished, when that is where the fire of life will flare without knowing time

There is no such thing as fate, because destiny is not awaited but sought after

O True man, once you sail to the island of life, then do not ever turn back. Keep on board your ship and stretch out the screen. If the storm has to stop your voyage, at least you are drowning in glory rather than returning with humiliation.

In life, opportunity does not come to those who sit back without action. Remember that action is the biggest determinant of success in life

One meaning that makes us happy is love, and a sense that makes us adults, that is a problem

If our limitations make withering all hope, then do not dare to say I have a mimipi. Because dreams belong to those who do not know the boundaries within them

In order for us to be an unyielding person and true dream fighter, realize that life is a gift we must use, a match to win, and a task to be accomplished

Why not always have "rainbow" in every coming "rain"? Because nature knows that the rainbow is beautiful and so many are expecting it, its arrival must be perfectly fitting and fascinating. His arrival is rare, because nature knows if the rainbow should always be visible then nothing extraordinary from him. So even with prayer, that does not always come true when we ask. Because God knows when the right time to grant it.


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