#Ulog (17) - The Importance of Maintaining the Environment

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Hello there Uloggers! I'm back for my 17th Ulog post and enjoying the day today! :)


An environment that can be used by natural resources, or in other words related to natural resources that offer the potential for the fulfillment of human needs. Natural resources are elements of the environment. Thus what is in the environment around us is a natural resource. Humans make use of the environment using naturally formed materials.


Environmental damage occurs as a result of irresponsible human hands in utilizing the resources contained in nature. If the process of destruction of elements of the environment is continuously allowed to take place, the quality of the environment will be more severe. Therefore, human as the actor who plays the most role in maintaining environmental sustainability and balance needs to make efforts that can restore the balance of the environment so that the life of human beings and other living creatures can continue.

everything that is around humans and affect human life either directly or indirectly. The environment is divided into two; biotic environment and abiotic environment. The biotic environment is a living environment, such as land, trees, and neighbors. While the abiotic environment includes non-living objects such as houses, buildings, and power lines.

The definition of the environment is an integral space with all things and living things in it including human beings and their behavior that affect the continuity of life and welfare of human beings and other living things. The environment includes the ecosystem, social behavior, culture, and also the air that exists.

Living things can not be separated from their environment. We can imagine, what happens if a fish is removed from the aquarium, pond, or river that is the environment of its life? The fish will die, it happens because of the absence of environmental elements that support the life of the fish. Although the environment is supportive or supportive of living creatures, but keep in mind that not all environments on earth have an ideal state for the life of living things.


We breathe requires air from the surrounding environment. Eating, drinking, keeping healthy, everything involves the environment.

Understanding the environment is everything that is around humans that affect the development of human life both directly and indirectly. The environment can be divided into biotic and abiotic environment. If you are in school, the biotic environment is in the form of school friends, the mother of the teacher and the employees, and all the people in the school, as well as the various plant species in the school gardens and the animals around them. The abiotic environment in the form of air, desk chair, blackboard, school building, and various kinds of inanimate objects around.

Often an environment consisting of a fellow human being is also called a social environment. It is this social environment that forms the great social system of its role in shaping one's personality.
In particular, we often use the term environment to mention everything that affects the survival of all living things on earth.


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