#ulog...celebrating May 27th

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Hello steemians
Yesterday was a special day in the lives of all children as we all know.
It been a while, i witnessed children's day been celebrated in stadium. Yesterday i saw so many kids both primary and secondary come out to match and perform all other activities. I was really entertained...



Been one of the team of @backtoschool, i was privilaged to attend the celebration with other team members to carry out our phase 1 project, which is donating books and stationeries to schools..


I bless God, it was successful. We couldn't give all the pupils there but we gave out to more than half of the population present..

We did not do it on our own but with the encouragement and support of some reputable steemians...

Together we will, through steemit bring smile on the face of so many less privilaged out there....



You are the best partner I ever met @adabless. I love your ZEAL and commitment and I pray for God to crown your efforts with success.
Together we will make a difference in @backtoschool.

Aww, thank u so much...u are amazing
The lord is our strength

You are blessed

Well done with your noble service to humanity!

Keep steeming!

Thank u dear


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Thank you so much for coming around dear, i truly appreciate.

Thank u for your great leadership, u r truly blessed

Backtoschool is really pulling great weights. I'm happy it is a great initiative by nigerians. Every child deserves an education. Nice one @adabless and team

Awww swty, i appreciate u baby...thank u

Wow! I'm really glad that you guys were able to put a smile on the face of those kids.
Nice job well done @adabless

Awww, thank u swty

Wow... Thanks alot I really appreciate your coming, you are the best. @backtoschool to the moon

Thank u my boo