#ulog day 5....my friends ulog surprise birthday

in #ulog4 years ago

Every first of June is always a beautiful day for a great man of honor and respect, and I am using this opportunity to say a very big congratulations as you add another year my friend and his wonderful family, may your joy know no limit. IMG_20180601_113552.jpg




Please guys show some love to my friend, and let me use this opportunity to say thanks to @surpassinggoogle for this great opportunity to showcase what we have and for making me a celebrity, thanks so much @surpassinggoogle.

#ulog#ulogs#steemgigs#surpassinggoogle#terry ajayi#ulogers


We all love @surpassinggoogle, he is the best and has the greatest heart and we are so lucky to have him here in this platform.

Great post @abdul1234

Thanks for always being a good friend

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