#ULOG: The comeback | See you to the Wild Soon

in #ulog3 years ago

Hola Steemians!

I've been inactive to steemit lately due to busy schedule at work. Now, I'm back!

Let me bring you to the WILD soon. A teaser to my Safari Cebu experience.

IMG20180602163152-01.jpeg Captured near the exit of Cebu Safari. Happy kid!

My #ULOG for today is that I am editing my photos captured at Cebu Safari. I am now starting to compose my blog about the place, let me give you a glimpse of the WILD!

A photo with the tallest mammal in the WORLD-THE GIRAFFE! Thanks GOD the rain stopped, I was able to have a photo with the giraffe. It's so awesome! Feels like I'm just dreaming and just looking at a stuff toy but oh! It's real, it's real.. It's really a giraffe!

That's all for now..

See you in the wild soon!



It was great to know that we are having safaris rather than zoos. Would definitely visit this. Thanks for sharing @abchro

Thanks for dropping by @michellpiala. It's rrally amazing there