ULOG #4: Life is going with its own way

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Last some days were so much painful. Children protest for the road accident. Movement for justice. The first day was horrible. All the vehicles were stopped. The people who wanted to go for work had to wait for a long time to get a bus or some other vehicles. Thousands of people were waiting. But who's office or work station is not near they returned back to their home. I had to do the same. Because its not easy to walk for 1-2 hours in road under the heavy sunshine.

The next day was little calm but not much. Some vehicles are on road but not bus. So i took another vehicle and went half of road with double fare. Then i had to wait for another vehicle for another half way road of my office. But failed to manage one. then i had to walk. Walked near 1 hour and reached. It was not so comfortable, it was so hard to walk under sunshine and so long distance.

After finish the office hour i faced the same problem. This time i had to ride on a CNG which cost 4 times more than usual fare. There is not other way except walking. So i took the service and reached home without any problem.

i was thinking if it continue for some days then my wallet will be empty in the middle of the month. Then what to do!

Hopefully the protest finished the next day. The vehicles start to run normally but less because the vehicles which have no license and unfit for road not come out for extra case charge. Some good sides are exploring after the protest.


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