ULOG # 11: Gone through a tough time

in ulog •  7 months ago

My son had an accident

When anyone is busy with their office work their brain does not work normal as usual.
They have tension how to fill the work.
How to finish the work before deadline.
How to get escaped from bad word of boss.
In the mean time when they got with any problem that is new to them and does not solve easily then their tension increase more than before.
People loose their common sense of timing or other behavior.
I also passes such like that situation.
Last week when i was busy in my work i got news of my son's accident.
That was not much bigger as look like but the impact was bad.
His teeth gone deep inside the tongue that's why it make a big mark and almost divided.
Almighty saves this time also. Otherwise the tongue could be divided into two part.
I took him to the hospital next morning and doctor sewed the tongue.
Doctor suggest us to feed him liquid for two weeks. no spicy food or no hard food.
It is really difficult to control eating for little children.
But i found my son brave when sewed his tongue though he cried a lot.
Now its seems like he is getting better day by day.
Hope that he will cure soon by the grace of Almighty.

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I'm sorry I'm fine now.

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