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Though it be trailed by thorns and briers
If there is one thing to believe in
To heal an ailing world
It is LOVE

It's okay to be vulnerable.......
Being vulnerable is our core essence as humans, and vulnerability is one of the reasons people hate the emotion called 'Love'. Because love comes, 'beyond us ', uncontrollable, irresistible, ungovernable.
Most times, life denies us the pleasure of choosing whom to fall in love with, it happens without our any permission, and most part could be hurtful as well as exciting. Whatever way it comes, there are still reasons to believe in Love, I do, my pains notwithstanding. Let it be a tool to make us stronger, more sensitive, compassionate and responsive. Even with love's uncertainties, we shouldn't be afraid to lay our hearts on the line, let's keep loving, let's keep getting stronger, let's keep being the love-need to our ailing World.
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