Ulog-quotes #7 : Little Little Things That Matter !!!

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Do not decline the chances
Of putting a smile on someone's face
Nor loose an opportunity
To put in a word of gratitude

Have we often wondered about our purpose here? I have! It is a lot of intrigue thinking about why we thread the earth's surface. One thing that never fails to bring me joy and make me feel I'm playing my script is putting smiles on people's faces, just by doing little little things. When your little actions benefit others, you feel like the whole warmth of sunshine, is springing from within you. But whenever I hurt someone, my screaming conscience would never let me be and life itself would become unbearable until I have made amends, or tried to. But I would choose the latter, to put smiles on faces rather than regrets on hearts.
This is a dying World and feelings of thankfulness and gratitude is equally dying out. Putting in a word of gratitude is never meant to repay kindness shown or favours done, but it does fortify relationships and open wider, doors to greater favours. Let us learn to show gratitude for even little little things.
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You have brought a smile to my face & heart with your #ulog-quote @edith4angelseu <333 God Bless & Much Love!


I am so flattered. I am glad you liked it.