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August, 17, 2018,

Dear Diary,

For the past three hours, I have been trading on binance or trying to (I have no idea of what I am doing). The exchange is a mist that is slowly unravelling itself and revealing its parts to me but the process is slow.

photo by Image4you on pixabay

Maybe because my investment is minute; just 15 steem, I have not been able to make any plausible profit or maybe because I have been selling away my steem and making steady losses, I don't know. I do know that all of my coins together on my binance account are worth a measly $13 and change. Is 15 steem worth that much nowadays? If not then I am running a loss but if it is then I have managed to keep my clothes on for the time being.

Why did I go into trading? Well to make money first of all. I have a plan to make money that seemed well thought out when I reviewed it in my head but right now, I am questioning my sanity. Hunger does that to you.
I wanted to diversify my portfolio, so to speak and get my hands on other coins besides steem and sbd. In that regard, I was successful. I presently have some minute particles of binance coin (bnb), bitcoin and etherum.
When I was in the University I was scammed by my next door neighbour, of about $100 in today's rates of exchange and that affected how I saw working online. The internet for a long time was a place to just chat, send curriculum vitae that never got a reply, download porn, music and movies.

It took time before I foraged and discovered in a foray into the internet looking, a source of income. I succeeded briefly during my mandatory one year youth service but I was scammed again after service but of a lesser amount this time.

That soured it for me for a while. When I had almost lost interest in making money on the internet, I got scammed again and another small sum left me, never to return again.

Getting registered and accepted into steemit was a huge morale booster for me. It didn't only help me get over my fear of internet based money making schemes, it also opened the world of crypto to me. It has changed the way I see the world and how I interact with people.
I have somehow managed to do well on steemit and as a result my faith in the blockchain technology is unwavering. This is why I am awake by this time of the night trying to sell and buy crypto so I can make some money.

Also, on Monday the 20th is my birthday and I am as broke as a plumbing leaking water and piss. I would love to be able to give my self a treat, pat myself on the back, that kind of thing but the funds are nonexistent. So what do I do?

I want to believe that I can turn 15 steem into 500 steem. It is important that I believe so. It is very important.

Anyways I am logging out for now. I have some pending trades. I hope they make me some money. See you later today.

©warpedpoetic, 2018


Dude. I hope the trading goes well for you! I had to change my habits with trading as I made so many mistakes and turned profit into loss etc. Now I just buy and hodl + try to sell at peaks and buy at lows but even that hasn't worked completely. Good luck, and happy birthday for Monday 🍻 🍰 Virtual cake and beer is a bit lame but... hopefully better than nothing ;-)

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