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we see oh my dear brothers .. we spend time in the form of 5 minet only ,, we read the story of our Ulama to hAbis ,, very touching and inspirate us With the cause of the droplets of tears we read this story May God make our tears droplets for the Angel which we always ask for all our sins

The miracles attached to the figure of our Ulama Abu Ibrahim Woyla, who by some scholars in Aceh considered that Abu Ibrahim Woyla was a scholar who had reached the level of Wali Allah (Wali Allah). it was recognized Teungku Nasruddin, indeed a lot of reports received by the family recounted about the wonders of the life of Abu Ibrahim Woyla.
It is evident during his lifetime Abu Ibrahim Woyla always went to places where people always in distress, anxiety and his calamities always exist in the midst of that society, but people have difficulty understanding the intent and purpose of Abu Ibrahim Woyla for what he is to visit places like that, because his arrival did not bring any message or mandate for the people he came to. Abu Ibrahim Woyla only came to pray in the places he visited, said Teungku Nasruddin.
In this case Ustadz (Teungku abbreviated Tgk) Muhammad Kurdi Syam (a resident of Kayee Unoe, Calang who is familiar with Abu Ibrahim Woyla reported that Abu Ibrahim Woyla happened to be walking, he sometimes went into a certain house belonging to the community he was in, he circled the house a few times then stop right in the yard and face himself toward the house with the remembrance LA ILAHA ILLALLAH that did not stop coming out of his mouth, after which Abu Ibrahim Woyla left the house.
No one knows the meaning contained behind it, is it so that the inhabitants of the house avoid the danger that will befall them or pray for the inhabitants of the house to be blessed by God? Wallahu A'lam.
According to Tgk Nasruddin, seen from his life, Abu Ibrahim Woyla seems no longer to need worldly things, he pointed out, if for example Abu Ibrahim Woyla had the money, the money could run out in the blink of an eye distributed to the needy and usually Abu Ibrahim Woyla distributed the money to children in an unexpected amount (same as the practice of the Messenger of Allah). Such is the life of Abu Ibrahim Woyla in everyday life.

Another miracle that makes people unexplained and wonder is about the speed he traveled on foot that turned out faster than a motor vehicle. It is a habit Abu Ibrahim Woyla when going everywhere always on foot without using sandals. For people who do not know him can assume that Abu Ibrahim Woyla figure is not normal. Because besides his appearance that is not tidy, his mouth continues to mumble us to recite remembrance while walking.

Tgk Muhammad Kurdi Syam tells of Abu Ibrahim Woyla when walking in Teunom to Meulaboh (a journey that takes 1 to 2 hours by motor vehicle), which strangely Abu Ibrahim Woyla was first arrived in Meulaboh, whereas who had the car knew that there is another vehicle that precedes his car, this incident is not once twice happened, even for people on the west coast who already assume that the excesses of the clerical figure of Abu Ibrahim Woyla sacred extraordinary could not be reasoned by the minds of ordinary people.

because it is no wonder that Abu Ibrahim Woyla is in the market, for example all the merchants in the market are hoping that Abu Ibrahim Woyla can stop at their shop, because they want to get God's blessing through Abu Ibrahim Woyla. But it is not that easy because Abu Ibrahim Woyla has his choice to stop by somewhere.

As told by Tgk Muhammad Kurdi Syam, one day Abu Ibrahim Woyla was in Lamno, Aceh Jaya. then met someone named Samsul Bahri who was working at Abah Awe, when it happened that Abu Ibrahim Woyla brought two slices of lemon cake.
When stopped by there Abu Ibrahim Woyla ask for a little water, after the water was given Samsul then Abu Ibrahim Woyla give two pieces of the lemon to Samsul but Samsul rejected it because according to Samsul that the lemang is alms given to Abu Ibrahim Woyla. because it does not want to be accepted Samsul, the lemang was thrown away Abu Ibrahim Woyla not far from his seat, spontaneously Samsul amazed by the actions of Abu who throw away the lemang just because, feeling guilty then Samsul want to take the discharged lemang, but unfortunately, taken the lemang was lost abruptly.

In another incident, Tgk Nasruddin told him one day (before Tgk Nasruddin became the son-in-law of Abu Ibrahim Woyla), suddenly morning shubuh Abu Ibrahim Woyla came to his alma mater to Pesantren Sheikh Mahmud, Abu Ibrahim Woyla's feet looked a little lame next to him walking. The arrival of Abu Ibrahim Woyla was greeted by Tgk Nasruddin and other fellow subjects.

Then Abu asked for some rice for breakfast, "the rice is there, but there are no side dishes of Abu" said Tgk Nasruddin, "It's okay, I eat eggs only, just look in the kitchen there may still be one egg filled "Replied Abu Ibrahim Woyla, then Tgk Nasruddin headed to the kitchen, it turns out in the place he used to store eggs there is one egg, but as memingatnya no more eggs because it was eaten.

Then while presenting the Rice to Abu Ibrahim Woyla, Tgk Nasruddin asked, "Why with Abu's feet?" Abu replied "I just came home from the hill of Qaf (Mecca), there are lots of shops but no sellers. But if we want to buy something we have to pay on the machine, otherwise we pay we will be arrested by the police ", Abu continued" after I shop at the stores then I ride the train and very fast run, because I am afraid to sit on the train that, then I jumped and fell to make my legs slightly sprained, so I was a little limp, but soon also healed.

A similar incident was also experienced by Abu Ibrahim Woyla's own close family, one day Abu visited one of his siblings to ask for some rice with a starfish starle prawn dish, then the host told his wife to prepare rice with starfruit sauce for Abu Ibrahim Woyla, but his wife told her that her starfruit tree was no longer fruitful, "just yesterday afternoon I saw the star fruit again no fruit," said the wife to her husband. But her husband continues to urge his wife "let's see first, sometimes there are goods two three is enough to eat Abu" he said. Then his wife went to the tree behind the house, it was found no more than three fruit in the tree that yesterday afternoon he saw.

Similarly, when going to marry the first child of Abu Ibrahim Woyla, namely Salmiah, msyarakat in the village see as Abu Ibrahim Woyla does not care about the wedding of his son. Though the wedding will last a few days, but Abu Ibrahim Woyla did not prepare anything to face the wedding of his son, even money he did not love the family for the needs of the event. But miraculously on the day "H" (wedding day lasts) it turns out the wedding ceremony took place bigger than the wedding parties of others who have prepared everything in advance.

That is part of the journey of a scholar and aulia Abu Ibrahim Woyla that is hard to find his successor in Aceh today.
He passed away to Rahmatullah on Saturday at 16.00 WIB on July 18, 2009 at his son's house in Pasi Aceh Woyla Induk Sub-district, West Aceh District at the age of 90 years.
The Santri Dayah Magazine Team has been on a pilgrimage to eat in mid-2012, looking at the food that is guarded by its eldest son, a lot of pilgrimage by the community. But the family is very careful and advised the pilgrims to eat Abu Ibrahim Woyla not be a place of worship (which brings to shirk).

May Allah for the Grave of our deceased Ash as Garden Gardens of Heaven What is very special,

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