Russian soldiers evacuating patients from Kherson hospitals and removing medical supplies

in #ukraine7 months ago

As their forces attempted to recover a province captured by invading soldiers early in the conflict, Ukrainian military sources said that Russian troops transferred a sizable number of sick and injured colleagues from hospitals in southern Ukraine's Kherson area.

Civilians were earlier ordered to evacuate Kherson, the region's capital city, by Kremlin-installed authorities in the mostly Russian-occupied area. This week, it was also reported that the Moscow-appointed leaders in Kherson had followed tens of thousands of locals who had fled to neighbouring regions under Russian control in anticipation of an expected Ukrainian onslaught.


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated in a morning report that "the so-called evacuation of invaders from the temporarily controlled area of the Kherson region, including from medical facilities, continues." "All medical supplies and equipment are being withdrawn from Kherson hospitals."


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