Yes, The Ukraine War "Rebel" DPR did have a Referendum. Don't let the MSM fool you, it is the people that want to break away from Ukraine.

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Image251.jpgLast week I was asked on Steemit if I thought the Ukraine War "Rebel" areas would ever have a Referendum like Crimea did. My answer was easy, " they did, 3 years ago". The people are who want to break away, this is what the western MSM and governments try to hide from the world
In the beginning 2014 there was a referendum in Crimea,which led to Crimea joining Russia, that much of the world knows about but not as many people know about the referendum that happened in Donetsk later in the spring.On May 11th 2014 I was in Donetsk and as I didn't Crimea I went to the voting polls of the referendum and asked the people what they voted for and why they voted for it. I came late in the day because I want to have more intimate conversations with the people. There was not a big is a crowd as there was in the morning so at the bottom of this post I will also include someone else's video that was there early in the morning so you can get some more of an idea of how many people showed up to voice their beliefs and what they wanted to happen to the region in their City. As you can see in the videos almost everyone( I only came across one person that was against it) voted to break away from Ukraine this is a fact that the people that live here(In Donetsk) are ethically Russian and after the events in Kiev on Maidon they view their Ukraine as dead. President Yanukovych was kicked out of office and they believed that he was their president, yes he had his problems most people admit but they believe they voted to him in and he was taken out of office without them having anything to say about it. They view this new Ukraine as not their Ukraine and they voiced that in this referendum by saying that they wanted to break away from Ukraine. I can't help but wonder would they still have voted to break away from Ukraine if they knew that the outcome would be four years of war and death.
In part 2 I will show inside the voting stations.

In the months leading up to the referendum all government buildings were taken over by protesters.

This video and the following 7 I filmed the day of the Donetsk People's Republic referendum. at 3 voting stations

Here is a private presons video of the morning of the referendum showing many people lined up

Third party video(not filmed by me)
The people formed more militias(which they had been doing for months) and started to take over more areas. After they took the Donetsk Airport the Ukraine army attacked with helicopters and mortars. This is when the war really started. Well over 10,000 people have been killed.

Even though the war has raged for almost 4 years the people still support the Anti- Kiev/Ukraine Government.
Above is the 3 year Birthday meeting in the center of the DPR capital.

The western MSM will have you believe the people of Ukraine War "Rebel" DPR do not want to be separate from Ukraine. This is not true. The mass majority want to, as you can see.
I have been here for almost 4 years, I would know.

I ask that you follow me and watch my reports with an open mind. Do not trust only the MSM or anyone over thinking for yourself.

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Absolute respect to what you are doing over there Patrick. I don't fully grasp the situation but you're contributing very well to getting attention to such an important issue.

Thanks I am trying. I put up daily reports plus archived reports as I am new to Steemit I have alot to post. So I will try to help you understand what is happening on this side of the frontline

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so sad that there is no more truthful reporting today!

I will keep pushing to change that

I stopped watching MSM like 5-6 years ago.I'm very grateful to have real reporters like Patrick,or my favorite Abby Martin,who tells us what we need to know without a spin!

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That is awesome, I'm glad that the steaming platform will be such a great tool for you. This is the year of truth according to Clif High. The fact that you are dedicating yourself to spreading it is amazing. God bless

Thanks for reporting this Patrick! The MSM have been extremely one-sided on this conflict, any anyone who does a bit of research knows it. It is a media war between Russia and the west, and it has been this way for I while.

You are right. Thanks for the support

I don't know what to say. Not like a comment is going to help here.

😩@patricklancaster That's amazing!


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