Artillery attack hits Donetsk hard. Part 1. Dozens of Apartments damaged (ENG SUBS)

in ukraine •  last year

An artillery attack blanked many residential areas of Donetsk, yesterday Wednesday the 11th, damaging many homes and injuring 7 civilians( 3 went to the hospital). This is part 1 of a 3 part series.
This is the most in-depth and independent report on yesterdays attack in Donetsk

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Unfortunately I think things in Donetsk will get worse before they get any better. It was to be expected. The Ukrainian troops will try and take advantage of the situation in Syria where Russia is stuck in confrontation with NATO. It was probably NATO that asked Ukraine to attack to create a diversion and split Russia on multiple fronts.

Thank you for a very moving film about the suffering caused by the artillery shelling by Ukraine's military.
Meanwhile, the U.S. and EU have increased their sanctions upon Russia during March of this year for supporting ''rebels'' in the Donbass.
I am concerned about reports of unexploded mines and artillery shells in areas near the so-called contact line.
I look forward to part 2 of this series.

Poor people ...

can't the UN or Red Cross setup a refugee centre in Donetsk to help these people get asylum in Europe or wherever they choose? Europe allowed hundreds of thousands of fake refugees to come from Africa, while these kids and their families who are really stuck in a war since 4 years can't seem to get help. I know many go to Russia, but many should be allowed to take refugee status also in Europe if they wished too. They can't live in bomb shelters forever.