Ukraine War: POW's after returning to "Rebel" DPR. Interviews with (Eng Transcript)

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(ENG SUBS) Interviews with POW's as they are exhanged and returned back to DPR.
This exchange took place in late December 2017.
Watch with full (Eng Subs) Below

Eng Transcript below
00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,766
how long have you been captured?

00:00:01,966 --> 00:00:03,720
3 years and 8 month

00:00:03,920 --> 00:00:05,575
Where did they take you?

00:00:05,775 --> 00:00:07,509
Kharkov Regional State Administration

00:00:07,709 --> 00:00:09,709
What will you do in the DPR?

00:00:10,565 --> 00:00:14,500
I'll come and talk to my friends and we'll see

00:00:14,525 --> 00:00:16,525
What would you like to do in general?

00:00:16,989 --> 00:00:18,989
I need to talk to my friends

00:00:20,548 --> 00:00:23,270
What's your name? - Egor

00:00:23,470 --> 00:00:31,660
You are almost home. Finally! What do you feel right now?

00:00:31,661 --> 00:00:39,250
I don't know. I can't even say. It's too much inside of me

00:00:40,799 --> 00:00:42,799
What are you going to do at home?

00:00:43,672 --> 00:00:49,616
I don't know. I've spent 3 years without sun.

00:00:49,816 --> 00:00:55,870
I was only 20 minutes under the sun during two years

00:00:56,070 --> 00:00:59,520
I can't say what I'll do next

00:00:59,524 --> 00:01:05,167
I want to feel this air of freedom and I'll decide

00:01:05,367 --> 00:01:09,330
What were the conditions and how did they treat you?

00:01:09,332 --> 00:01:13,606
Like in prison. We were held in prison.

00:01:13,806 --> 00:01:16,297
my detention was very tough

00:01:16,497 --> 00:01:19,000
I saw a lot of basements

00:01:19,630 --> 00:01:21,999
but then - a typical prison.

00:01:22,199 --> 00:01:24,956
walks under the roofs

00:01:29,000 --> 00:01:33,000
Are you a soldier? - No,I amn't. I was taken from my home

00:01:33,533 --> 00:01:37,785
How did they detain you? - They came at night and took me away

00:01:37,985 --> 00:01:39,985
Without any investigation?

00:01:40,503 --> 00:01:45,216
An investigation started after few days and they took me to the security service of Ukraine

00:01:45,416 --> 00:01:51,810
But fist they took me from home by force, I was undressed and they took me away

00:01:53,000 --> 00:01:57,350
Where did you live? - In Mar'inka

00:01:57,358 --> 00:02:04,000
So they came into your house and took you away? - yes, that's right

00:02:04,418 --> 00:02:06,418
Thank you so much, welcome back!

00:02:07,270 --> 00:02:16,000
Tomorrow they will leave three men who has russian citizenship and they will exchange them to Sintsov and other s**t

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I've posted links to your work on as its about the only place I know that uses the word donetsk in english. I'll keep putting them out there, but while foreign wars quietly allow the relative wealth here, it seems almost like accepted reality.

No matter who we vote for, we always get john mc cain.

I won't quit if you don't.

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