Forward to Nuland's Nazis and the Destruction of the Ukraine

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The CIA: Mass-Murder Inc.

In a world where there could be complete and total peace, where everyone could have a home and healthcare and education and be free from the fears of the scourge of war, there is no way that any thinking or rational human being can glorify, or in any way justify, acts of war, violence, imperial subjugation or the destruction of societies and countries for sake of resources or for some abstract temporary hegemony, and anyone who attempts to do so and even count such barbaric behavior as something exceptional or to be proud of, is nothing more than a recidivist caveman who should be shunned by a civilized world…

Most of my adult life and for all of my career as an investigative journalistic I have spent investigating, studying and attempting to expose the horrendous crimes of the global criminal organization that is called the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America.

Having now concluded my work investigating 911 and uncovering the active participation, organization and subsequent cover up in that event of the CIA, an event they carried out with their partners in MOSSAD and the Saudi General Intelligence Directorate (GID), to facilitate the genocide and destruction of the Middle East for the artificial construct of a “country” that is Israel, there can be no doubt whatsoever, when you take away all of the veneer and the mystique and the propaganda and false-over-hyped-patriotism, in reality all that the CIA is, is a secret out-of-control criminal organization which creates wars, traffics narcotics, murders and traffics children, topples democratic and healthy governments, destroys economies, enslaves populations, sponsors, arms and trains terrorists, spies on everyone, assassinates world leaders, brainwashes and mind controls entire populations, stages horrendous mass casualty events that have slaughtered tens of thousands, destroys and assassinates journalists and whistleblowers and tortures people it illegally kidnaps and renditions to illegal torture dungeons worldwide (if I missed something don’t worry I will get to it later), I will now focus on a topic very close to me and one which I have covered the first group appeared on the Maidan.

The “Color” Revolution: The Favored CIA Tool for Installing Puppets

Although a broader study of the subject would include more specific examples from around the world, what this work seeks to look into is the CIA practice of bringing about Color Revolutions in order to force the toppling of a government or “Regime Change”, to use the CIA term for what is in reality destroying a country’s government, and in particular the Third Maidan in the Ukraine, which for the second time in history brought Nazis to power in Europe.

The CIA calls them Regime Change Operations, as if an official sounding label somehow makes the act of destroying the society and the government of a country a noble task, but make no mistake dear reader, the CIA is not into doing anything noble and it is doubtful they ever were. What they are into is making huge amounts of money for the global power elites and enslaving countries and making them weak in any way possible, for the Rothschild Banksters, the Bilderberg Globalist Cabal and the Corporate entities of the world. They also specialize in the controlling and annihilating mass numbers of human beings, using and evolving any way possible.

For a large part of my journalistic career I have studied, researched and tried, through my interviews, articles and activism, to educate and inform the public and bring the international community’s attention to the insidious tactics of Color Revolutions and I am convinced it is a vitally important topic, as it has become the number one method for the NOW and the CIA to destroy governments and because with advancements in technology they have become more and more adept at it!

Many of us have witnessed and watched in horror as the wonderful discovery that was the Internet, which was supposed to unify the world and help us understand each other better, has become a social engineering and the chief Color Revolution “tool” for Western Intelligence Agencies who also use it to spy on, control and manipulate the populations of countries and the world at large. The danger, with the creation of more advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, military grade algorithms being set loose and ever developing BOT armies, of a global MKULTRA/MOCKINGBIRD type surveillance and control grid, has become ever more real and ever more present with every passing day and every new advancement.

The one thing that has helped to uncover and reverse engineer this horrendous country-destroying “technology” if you can call it that, is that the architects are not very intelligent and even less creative and their belief in the stupidity of the population and in their own God-like impunity, has made my job as a researcher much easier and will make your job as an informed member of your community or a member of your country’s security apparatus that much more easy.


The fact that now non-state actors such as the Soros and Omidyar Foundations and their affiliates and scores of NGO groups, which we have successfully exposed and uncovered, also makes discovery and neutralization of such operations easier, but their shadow status in many countries and recruitment of corrupt officials and Masonic members of the media and those in the global Jewry who control media outlets worldwide and financial institutions and the like, makes them much more difficult to cut out and extract to save the patient.

In this work, while focusing on Project Ukraine (their name for what they did not mine), I will try to cover the different methods, types of operations and even the psychotropic drugs they unleash, that they use destabilize and corrupt and destroy a society and try to point to countermeasures and preventive steps that can be taken by countries, governments, security services and the general public at large in identifying these types of encroachments and preventing them from being successful.


Above is a photo of Captagon, also used on the Maidan!

I have wanted to write this book for many years now but the words of one of my old Serbian friends always come to mind as we were discussing the operations that were then taking place in Serbia with the resurrection of Otpor and the same techniques that they were attempting to implement again on the eve of another election and attempted installation of a NATO puppet.

He told me, “I don’t want to be too specific or get into too much detail as to what we are doing or what their mistakes are because I do not want to give them ideas.”

I agree with this thinking completely and will thus not go into country specific details, especially with regard to Russia, but I have come to the conclusion that no matter what anyone might write or say, the CIA and MI6, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Soros lunatics, the Omidyar Networks and all of the other New World Order “Illuminati” architects of this criminal type of manipulation, lack one quality to make them successful, effective and unstoppable, and that one quality is something that there is no danger in them ever obtaining, namely the full and respectful understanding of the cultures and the peoples in the countries that they seek to destroy, control, enslave and exploit.

Just imagine if you will for a moment trying to explain to a serial murderer, pedophile or rapist the humanity and the inviolability of his victims! Surely with the proper sustained and dedicated therapy it “might’ be possible under strict and controlled institutionalized conditions, but simply informing such a demon will have no effect whatsoever and I am certain it is the same with these elite “think tank” scum.

My research has shown that these are the same demons who carried out 911, slaughtering 2,999 innocent human beings, simply as a “Catalyst Event” to slaughter millions more in order to commit yet further atrocities in the form of genocides in countries and regions they have no right to be in in the first place. So if anyone has any problem with my contempt and complete lack of fawning awe for these sick “elite-Zionist-NWO demons you may stop reading here. I cannot even call the proponents of these “operations” humans anymore, for me they have forfeited their membership in the human race in their drive for their Luciferian New World Order and thus refer to them as demons.
After researching these organizations, groupings and societies for decades now, not only what they have done since the slaughter of Serbs and the illegal aggressive war against Yugoslavia, but also their roots and their deeper core beliefs and intentions, the very thought of International Tribunals to prosecute them seems too kind and civilized, these demons have, as I said, forfeited their membership in the human race and deserve nothing less than total and complete eradication and erasure so that no one will follow in their footsteps.

I thoroughly recommend you read my research into the New World Order and do more of your own and also expand your understanding of the capabilities and the intentions of the FVEY intelligence agencies, as well as doing some basic research into fiat monies, international law with regards to Crimes Against Peace, the Geneva Conventions and other core international foundation agreements which are supposed to serve as the core guidelines for relations between nations.

This does not seek to be a legal paper so I will not be delving too much into the legal aspects. However I remind everyone who reads this, that no matter how much they demonize or repeat false or other claims, “Regime Change Operations” and the removal of leaders, whether “peaceful” and through manipulation, secretly through assassination or openly using outright brutal military force, are illegal practices, which must no longer be tolerated by the civilized world.

I hope you find this work useful and informative and want to underline that it does not claim to be a definitive resource on this very important topic, but rather a launching point for more rigorous study. My intention is that this work may be read by an audience around the world, including and especially by people for whom English is not a native language, so I will try to refrain from using overly academic terminology and overly complex vocabulary or structures in my descriptions and analysis and make things as clear and simple as possible.

Having covered the US organized armed coup in the Ukraine and the subsequent installation of a nazi junta puppet government and having had my family’s and my own life and career destroyed for all of my “efforts” in exposing these demons, I am certain that I have knowledge to share with you that they are afraid of you knowing and I also think that qualifies me to be a voice you may count on for information on this issue.

I have spent almost 25 years of my life watching the receiving end of CIA operations and the time has come to expose the demons and tell you, my dear reader, everything that I have learned and everything that I know, well almost everything.

The format of this work may be a little unusual as I have included photographic and other evidence to support my arguments and help you to reach your own conclusion. The fact that it is also largely made up of reports, articles and commentary may also be a little unique but it is the only way that I can get the amount of work I have amassed into one location. I have left out the hundreds of interviews I have conducted to avoid “copy-wrong” issues and have included only my own authored material. Along the way I will be guiding you through everything and explaining why each piece is important and relevant to the matter at hand.

Again I hope you find this work interesting, useful and informative and thank you very much for reading and supporting my work. Just by the simple act of reading you are defying the New World Order and helping to defend yourself and your mind from the manipulations, the lies and the machinations you are going to read about here.
To get a copy of this book just make a donation to jar2.

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