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The practice of bike riding or cycling in the city of London has increased fourfold over the last 20 years. Cycling comes with lots of benefits for your wellbeing, health as well as the environment. This is why it is crucial that other residents be encouraged to work towards safe cycling as much as possible.

Now, at peak times in the city of London, lots of pedestrians litter the streets, resulting in a crowded environment that the City Corporation are working very hard to ensure that vulnerable road users are protected. At such times, cyclists are required to ride their bikes at moderate speeds and be aware of other road users as well.


This has resulted in the fabrication of the rules of bike riding in London. But it is not all about your knowledge of the rules in the Highway Code. It doesn’t even matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist; what matters is that you can increase your ability to deal with complex junctions, traffic as well as new road signs.

The following are some of the rules of bike riding in London:


As a cyclist, it is required that you install appropriate front and rear lights that are not only working correctly but clean as well. The constitutional lighting responsibilities for cyclists are usually determined by sunrise and sunset times, and not the hours of darkness.

Therefore, your lights must be lit 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.
The United Kingdom’s guide to cycle lighting regulations also permits the use of flashing lights. But these lights are required to flash between 60 and 240 times every minute.


Just as with lights, the legal requirements for reflectors merely apply between sunset and sunrise and include:
• A red rear reflector
• Four amber pedal reflectors, one at the front as well as the rear of each pedal.

Brakes – It is now officially an offence to ride a bicycle on a community road without having or installing highly efficient braking systems. You are legally required to put two sets of brakes in place which work independently on both the front as well as the rear wheel.

Although a brake which functions or operates directly on an inflated or air-filled tire may not be efficient, the highway regulations are unsupportive regarding whether or not it is efficient. The rules do not also outline how brakes must function.

Drugs and alcohol

When it comes to cycling on bridle paths or public roads, you must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or you will be facing a fine of £1,000 if caught.

There is no breath test or blood alcohol test to corroborate this issue. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs could make you endanger not only yourself but other road users as well.

Careless cycling

You should not ride your bicycle carelessly or without paying attention to other road users. When you flout this rule, it attracts a hefty fine of £1,000 which can be upped to £2,500 if the offence borders on dangerous cycling. The test for these cycling offences is akin to that for dangerous and careless driving.


Traffic lights

You are not expected to jump red lights as this is an offence which grabs the attention of the police and makes them – via a fixed penalty notice fine – to issue a £50 levy. The same punishment applies when you ride your bicycle across a cycle-only signal crossing when the green cycle symbol is not highlighted.


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I'd like to point out two things out of this post.

  1. Cycling is very good for health. It's considered as one of the best exercise

  2. Rules are very much required in our lives. It makes us different from the other beings.

ruls are very good its importance all of us @jwolf thanks for shareing road rules

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i agree cycling is very beneficial and you share some excellent rules, thanks for sharing such helpful information with us, Stay awesome

Awesome write up! Thanks for sharing :)

I love London, and hope to be visiting the place soon :)

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i love London. i love Bike. so it helpful post for me

cycling is really good and those are good rules for everyone's safety :) should be adopted everywhere

Yup! Ride safe.. Share the road..

Helpful News for who want ride a cycle or motor bike in UK

This is quite an interesting read, the content is good. Thanks.

Oh Whatta Great Step <3

When it comes to cycling on bridle paths or public roads, you must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or you will be facing a fine of £1,000 if caught.

These rules should be followed all over the World to avoid Accidents

Thank you so much for this valuable information @jwolf

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

most wonderful photography you are sharing... your all discussion is interisting for me... i waiting for your next post...

whether cycling activities you like the most.
honestly i really like to ride ..

very useful information for those needing to ride a bike in Uk. sometimes i wonder how people ride bikes carelessly considering the fact that you have to have like all your senses involved. people to take risks shaa

More and more cities are introducing the public bike systems, which is great to see. I think its only a matter of time before cities also need to create bike lanes for cyclists as more and more pollution from cars threaten our environments, I think governments will promote cycling within city limits. Will be interesting to see the future developments

It's good for health

good information sir.excellent post.You are not expected to jump red lights as this is an offence which grabs

cycling is really good for health everyone should adopt it and go with it thanks for sharing an interesting article :)

i had never know that these rules are meant to be followed there will tell my friend who is going to live there

Very good rules, it obviously necessary for safety .

follow rules and be safe :)

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good post, let's support our good content, you have my vote.

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