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Hello my fellow steemians, am here to talk about Digital economy and how it can change the world if people adopt to it and embrace it.

In brief digital economy can refer to the type of economy that is based on digital computing technologies although some people perceive this as conducting business through markets that are based on the internet and the world wide web.

Many countries have adopted this kind of economy for instance Japan and has greatly emerged as one of the most powerful and strong countries that we have in the world. Most of its business is transacted through the internet and this has greatly developed its economy greatly.

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Let me also take you through the different categories or components of the digital economy:

   1-  The e- business infrastructure, this entails different components which may include hardware, software, tel-comes, networks and human capital.

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2- The e- business, this is normally conducted over computer mediated networks.

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  3- The e- commerce, this basically focus on the transfer of different good online, for instance if a book is sold online.

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Digital economy has widespread impact on the whole economy aspect for any country because it greatly transforms the economy, People have also been able to address the problem of high taxation and the too much labor or work force in different communities and work place.

A clear example to tell you about and i hope all the readers on this platform will agree with me, this is steemit application in association with steempayco where people have managed to carry out different transactions using steem dollars and this has greatly boosted the economy.

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I would suggest that all countries around the globe should embrace the different terminologies of digital economy just the way japan has done, and this has greatly developed its economy.

And the digital economy also minimizes resources, i personally had a friend who ordered for a product abroad through the digital platform and he didn't even incur a lot of money in this case even the taxes were not high. Surprisesing this person used steemhunt, an application under steemit

Many steemians may not know what steemhunt is but in one of my posts this week i will give a detailed report of what steemhunt is and how it works and its importance's as well.

This is really an interesting platform where we meet and discurs new ideas, hope people enjoy being on steemit like i do, need to get your opinions as well?

Have a blessed and lovely day,

I remain.


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