UFO in Russia

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UFO in Russia

Almost all cases of the appearance of the mysterious celestial bodies found a natural explanation. Almost - because the nature of 3% of UFO's modern science can not yet explain. Russia is not going to keep up with the "civilized" world: we all have a lot of reports about encounters with aliens, and entire regions are transformed into the anomalous zone.

The inhabitants of our planet had seen a UFO at all times. Evidence of contacts with an extraterrestrial civilization is, even in the ancient sources. Almost all cases of the appearance of the mysterious celestial bodies found a natural explanation. Almost — because the nature of 3% of UFO's modern science can not yet explain. Russia is not going to keep up with the "civilized" world: we all have a lot of reports about encounters with aliens, and entire regions are transformed into the anomalous zone.

The history of UFOs in Russia

Mysterious celestial objects of interest to the people of Russia always. One of the first local mention of a UFO dates back almost to the time of Kievan Rus. According to the testimony of Russian annals, in March 1111, in the battle with Polovtsy our ancestors helped unknown heavenly power. The same happened during the battle of the Neva in 1240. The chronicler writes that in this battle the Russian helped some flying objects. Such "legends" show that the appearance of UFOs over the expanses of Russia — a phenomenon quite common, though unproven and not backed by scientific arguments.
A serious study of unidentified flying objects in our country began during the Soviet era. Then the aliens started at the state level. Of course, the work on the study of paranormal phenomena were classified, and the press received data has not been received.
The formal pretext for the organization of the "Commission for the UFO" was the so-called Petrozavodsk phenomenon. 20 September 1977 at the end of the night, the inhabitants of North-Western region of the USSR within a few minutes was observed the development of an unusual large-scale luminous phenomena. Then the researchers came to the conclusion that the cause of this phenomenon was the launch of the artificial Earth satellite Cosmos 955" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. However, similar explanations were given almost all the cases of celestial anomalies.
In the thirteen years of its work the special Committee on the problem of UFOs has classified virtually all cases the appearance of a mysterious celestial bodies. the Commission came to a disappointing for fans of the insights of the unknown: UFO has a mundane explanation. Light phenomena are, as a rule, the echoes of launches of ballistic missiles, and hovering in the sky "plates" and "cylinders" is often specific probes used for meteorological observations. During the work of the Commission had not received any evidence of the UFO landing or contact with his pilots.
However, ufologists and those who strongly believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, continue to insist on. Every year in different regions of the country recorded hundreds of sightings of unexplained flying objects. There are places where the visitors from space appear particularly often.

UFO in Chelyabinsk region

In Russia the Ural — magnet for all sorts of unexplained phenomena. Especially here often record the appearance of unidentified flying objects. Leads in the number of UFO Chelyabinsk oblast. Ufologists attribute this to the fact that the southern Urals differs from the Average higher mountains, and also a large number of different faults and rivers. It is on these territories as a result of interaction with the atmosphere "generation of UFOs" is the most likely. Most often, eyewitnesses observed a UFO in the shape of a glowing Orb or flat plates.
To fix the appearance in the sky over the Southern Ural bodies were flying in the early 60-ies of the last century. Then in the environs of the town Karabash unidentified object in the shape of a glowing Orb. He hovered in the sky for about 15 minutes without making any sound and not changing in size. He glowed a white-blue color, and disappeared in the sky flashed purple vertical zipper.
Since different parts of the Chelyabinsk region every year there are new evidences about the UFO. One of the most unusual appearances of flying saucers was observed in August 1990, the regional specialist Vitaly Chernetsov. Night over the lake Zyuratkul he saw a flying object saucer-like shape. He hovered over the water, and then the mist cut through fairly bright light that is like a shot from the bottom of the dish. "Refueled" with water, the UFO rose above the lake and through the horizontal line disappeared from sight.
Over the last ten years only one in Chelyabinsk was recorded over twenty sightings of unusual flying objects. For example, in June 2003, the city was seen object that flew very slowly and emit blue light. Eyewitnesses said then that this light was so bright that it can be to read the book. And in the spring of 2004, the townspeople watched the eight points of light, flying towards the North. As you move they change color from white to bright red. That summer, several witnesses have told that saw in the night few silently flying balls that moved across the sky groups during the whole hour.
In 2009 the regional TV has reported about the emergence of new flying objects — colourful balls, which were slowly moving in the night sky. In the summer of 2010 the aliens again attacked the Urals, North-West district of the city periodically see red and yellow balloons floating above the roofs of their homes. Interested where they could take citizens of Chelyabinsk went to the place of their alleged occurrence. But there they found no tower lights, no pyrotechnics stations. The question of the nature of this phenomenon is still open.

Anomalies of the Perm region

The most famous anomalous zone in the Perm region is situated near the village of Molebka. This place is a real Mecca for lovers of the paranormal. Molebka is even called "the Russian Bermuda triangle". Every year it attracts thousands who want to verify the existence of UFOs. In Molebka travel scientific and tourist expedition, there is even a "weekend tour" in the anomalous zone. The locals are strange celestial objects has long ceased to cause alarm. UFO in the sky it runs more often than the bus. Moleskinerie stalkers chasing flying balloons in the tractor, and the postman trying to catch signals from space. "I am absolutely sure that here the constant presence of another world, there is a point where you clearly felt the presence of another matter," agreed with the locals Valery Yakimov, researcher Malebranche of the anomalous zone.
Scientists participating in the expeditions into this anomalous zone, recognize that unexplained in Molebka really a lot. However, in their opinion, all can find a reasonable explanation. "Even local changes of the gravitational field one way or another can lead to some effects, well, not so crazy," — said the Professor of the Perm state University Nicholas Lobov.
However, Perm UFOlogy firmly believe that it is their region a magnet for newcomers. In March 2010, they stated that they found a piece of an alien spaceship. The analysis showed that the fragment is composed almost entirely of pure tungsten, and such a composition in the nature practically does not occur. "It is likely that if there was some unidentified flying object, it could be some part of the propulsion system", — commented on the discovery of the head of the Russian UFO Stations (RUFORS) Nikolay Subbotin.
In August 2010 at the city forum in Perm there were reports that in several districts of the regional capital unidentified flying body. It was the glowing orbs, groups moving in the sky. However, local residents do not rush to draw conclusions about the cosmic nature of these phenomena. Skeptics believe that it was just Chinese lanterns, which now often run a couple.

Altai: places of power

The Altai Republic, administratively divided into Altai Krai and the Altai Republic, at all times was considered a place with a special energy, where very often there are special phenomena. Experts explain the increased UFO activity in these areas relative proximity of Baikonur, and also the fact that Altay is on a trajectory launched from the Baikonur missiles. Moreover, some areas of Altai is the place of fall of exhaust stages of media. Locals every year I see a few dozen unusual celestial objects. Often they really are falling to the Ground meteorites.
For example, in January 2007 in the Altai region the appearance of a ball of fire flying with great speed in the night sky caused quite a stir among the locals.
From the ball came the beams, and on the street, according to witnesses, "became as bright as day". The glowing object flew towards the forest. When he disappeared over the horizon, they heard a strong cotton.
The investigation then even joined the Ministry. The staff of the Ministry and scientists in one voice said that it was a meteorite, but the funnel never found.
Thus, the Altai, together with Chelyabinsk and Perm regions, is the undoubted centre of attraction for visitors from outer space. Suffice it to say that in just two winter months of 2008, the residents of Gorno-Altaisk and Barnaul witnessed three cases of the appearance of unidentified celestial objects. According to them, then UFO appeared to them in two forms: fire balls and glowing disk with funnel-shaped tail. Some witnesses were so frightened that tried to shoot UFOs out of the rifle.
And in July 2010 in the Internet appeared the video, which was shot by students of Kemerovo University archeologists in "Mountain Shoria". It depicts an unidentified flying object hover for several minutes over the taiga. It is noteworthy that here some time ago, a local hunter saved a creature similar to "Bigfoot".
“During my work in the region is the Shors have repeatedly told me that they see in the forest, strange glowing objects are rounded. And in June this year, during a trip to the remotest villages, I personally saw a UFO in the area of the river MRAs-su. However, the camera I had. So I advised his students to take archeologists on an expedition with a video camera. In July, the boys managed to remove the object”, — said the head of the expedition, doctor of historical Sciences Valery Kireev.
So, the witnesses of UFO in Russia are and believing in miracles ordinary people and scientists. And while science has not confirmed the existence of visitors from outer space, the question of the nature of the mysterious flying objects everyone decides for himself.


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