Downed UFO – Russia, USA

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Downed UFO – Russia, USA

Throughout his life, the inhabitants of the planet Earth ask the question: “do aliens exist?”, “And whether there were they visiting us?”. Some unhesitatingly give an affirmative answer, others deny the existence of other civilizations. However, we cannot close our eyes to many facts and coincidences.

Downed UFO

Unidentified flying objects are on the planet for many centuries, there are witnesses who observed some unearthly creatures and alien life forms coming out of these devices. Of course, unbelievers, scientists all over the earth will find a reasonable scientific explanation, but not one of them Marina Popovich – a military test pilot, doctor of technical Sciences.

According to the Academy of Sciences on anomalous aerial phenomena, where she also works in Novosibirsk, Tallinn, Organicide, Dalnegorsk, Tunguska, and suffered the collapse of celestial objects, what is irrefutable evidence in the form of steel alloys and other elements, whose composition defies interpretation. Maybe a UFO did not crash, but simply it was shot down?
In 1980, the General of the NGOs reported that in 1980 was seen 3 UFOs and a long time to order superiors about raising fighters. But when decided, the majority of fighters, including MiG-23П, chasing UFOs, not yet used up all its fuel and had to land. When MiG and UFO went to the forehead at each other, our pilot opened fire and hit an object a few missiles. Inside disc with dome found two aliens, taken to a research center. Earlier, in 1978 in Kazakhstan, downed UFO left at the crash site of soaring radiation, and two members of the development team after some time, hanged himself. Is not it strange? Over the Caucasian mountains shot down by antiaircraft missile in 1983, the object discovered by accident only 2 months, the pilot was never found, and people discover a UFO and died. As can be seen, on the territory of Russia downed UFO enough. But the number of downed UFO championship yet fighters of the U.S. air force. The pilots involved in the battle between humans and aliens, claim that the speed of the flying object can reach 200 000 km/h, while it is absolutely not audible. It's impossible for earth technology. Another notorious case occurred in the USA in 1989 The pilots of the airbase Valhalla shot down a UFO, which fell and created a crater with a diameter of 10 m and fused the rocks and sand around him. Unearthly beings inside the disk when interacting with our air fainted, which allowed freely to deliver them to a US military base.

It was a UFO or...?

In Washington in 1952, the mass panic of the population was preceded by the appearance in the sky of several unidentified objects for about 2 weeks. Raised fighters are unable to produce even a shot, as the objects were removed from them at a safe distance. Millions of witnesses, actions, and orders U.S. air force photo aliens, hard facts all the same were denied by the Government is absurd explanations. And in 1987 we in Dalnegorsk also been observed from 33 UFO moving silently and causing electromagnetic interference to TVs, radios, telegraphs. The witnesses, who had more than 100 people, concluded that the objects were looking for something.
However, the publicity of such events are not made, Governments of the USA and Russia carefully concealed these facts from the public to prevent panic, and maybe something else hidden from our eyes and ears? We can assume that UFOs are of earthly origin, but then what in the dictionary of American air defense added the image of the UFO, and the recommendations for action in the event of meeting an alien intelligence is described on 14 pages.


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