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RE: Remote Viewing the Barney & Betty Hill Et Abduction (Farsight Institute)

in #ufo5 years ago

I know what you mean. It is hard to know what to trust anymore. I don't understand why these Governments wants to keep people in dark (may be some kind of "information is power" thinking).

Now I am even more interested to read your book! For me the personal impact of these experiences is far far more interesting than anything else. The time is right for your book now as the whole world is in a bit of a chaos and may be we can all benefit from the experiences of others.


There are many agendas involved, but yes, it largely revolves around power struggles and also fear of what will happen when they are found out. Generally, they appear to be reflections of our own self denial and guilt - so their behaviour doesn't so much make perfect sense as simply reflect our own choices that result in us losing power and never seeming to have enough as a result. Self empowerment is the key here, rather than revolutions!

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