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A super interesting topic, aliens and ufo's and contact!

This is a good documentary that is a follow up to the original Steven Greer story "Sirius". Part two focuses on the unacknowledged historic files of documented accounts providing for some of the best evidence for extraterrestrial contact. These days camps are big and strong for believing and even for contact.

Steven Greer became famous in the ufo community for introducing the CE5 protocol or instructions for making peaceful contact with ET's. And this is where the controversy starts. From Greer's point of view, humanity is the hostile ones, and the ET's are all friendly and willing to make contact.

Many experts disagree with Gree, and I tend to agree with them. I feel that there are both positive and negative ET's and communicating with all of them is asking for trouble.

This documentary is well put together and it is perfect for main stream media influenced audiences who are relatively new to this topic. For seasoned campaigners this material may seem dated and controversial.

I would highly recommend seeing this documentary, but also in becoming familiar with other material such as but not limited to:-
Corey Goode
Bill Tomkinson
Edward Snowden
Julian Assange
Michael Tellinger

There is some good footage in Unacknowledged and some super interviews and footage with high up military and Government officials making some very provocative and thought provoking statements including from MickhaIl Gorbachev among others.


Even 'Sirius' star itself has many conspiracy theories, sometimes you can't just ignore all correlating theories

Good review 👍🏻I enjoyed this film. Steven Greer is the man for anything weird.

I watched the documentary a couple of days ago. Got really confused what to believe. I know documentaries are always very biased, so only the conspiracy theories side of things were covered, but it was indeed interesting.