Partial transcript of Luis Elizondo 17th July 2018 video

in #ufo2 years ago

From 6m47s

As we began to collect information, erm… , things started to make sense, and so for the first time now, erm… , particularly in the last few years, we now have the mathematical formulas, and the scientific, erm… , modelling and then also the observations, electro-optical data etc. all finally, er…, um, coming together - pointing in the same direction. So, er, originally our focus was figuring out what these things were and how they worked and er… Unfortunately I don’t think we’re really much closer to knowing what they are, but er… I am very excited because…

we just about figured out how they work…

I mean, in our opinion erm.. it, its very compelling and I think erm.. in the last two and a half years, more has been done in this area. At least from our perspective , the government perspective - I can’t speak on behalf of the private side - but from our perspective, I think we have a much better understanding now, than we did even just two and a half years ago. To the point were…

we are actually able to, to REPLICATE some of this physics … in a laboratory so, when we started this project er, a lot of folks were, were, were concerned that maybe we were dealing with science fiction - and as it turns out, we are dealing with science fact and maybe what some people considered fringe science - just turned out to be, advanced physics - and - quantum theory.

So, we’ve come a long way, and I think that’s erm, exciting news.

From 14m49s

Q: Do I (you) believe we are close to understanding how they work.

A: YES, Yep! We are really, really close, in fact I would submit to you that I don’t think we are thousands of years or even centuries away, I think er… based upon my experience, we might be 20 years out, erm, its no longer a, a, theoretical question of if it’s possible, we have already demonstrated the physics with CERN, the LHC, with these other places where we know absolutely some of the physics behind what we are seeing. It is not only possible, we are replicating it. We are replicating it though at a very small level. But the question or not of whether it can be done - that’s not a question any more - it is being done right now.

The real question is now, it’s a technological challenge. It’s er, its a erm… it’s a scaleability issue - how do we replicate and control what we can now see in the laboratory, in the very small scale - and and er - erm, and make that erm, useful, to us - in every day life, in the scale we live in now.

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