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UFO researchers have a huge advantage today compared to when research was done without the internet. UFOtracker takes UFO reports and places them on an interactive map. This is excellent if you want to correlate a sighting in your area to others nearby or a similar time-line.

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It's easy enough to navigate. You can zoom into your area or another place you are researching. And the more you zoom in, the more sighting reports pop up on the map and become available to you. Also, the UFO sightings are marked with an icon according to the classification of the craft of encounter. For instance, if someone reports a triangular UFO the map will populate that sighting with a black triangle similar to the 100s that have been reported.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.55.03 PM.png

When you select a sighting on the map, you get a pop-up report. The report will have a link to the full report. And sometimes there are pictures and video. Granted, my feelings are that UFOtracker is best used to plot of paths and correlation of sightings.

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There is also a link at the top of the page on the right where you can report a UFO to MUFON. MUFON stands for the Mutual UFO Network. And it is this organization that sends investigators out into the field when a major case is reported to them.

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There has been an information war surrounding the UFO subject for quite some time. A lot of researchers feel there are answers in the government. Some feel perhaps ancient archeology will gives us clues to visitors. And of course there are all out fraudsters who knowingly create sensationalism out of nothing for a paycheck. One thing we can do on Steemit, is share you UFO report within this community. Adding the blockchain to the UFO researchers toolbox gives us a greater level of security for archiving sitings.


this is a great resource to check for sightings and do research. You might see a ufo and then get it corroborated with others in the area.

Also fraudsters are a massive problem, i agree, need good, solid research - i wrote a post about the wow signal - need more actual evidence rather than simply hearsay.

I really like the name Cloudbuster!

Yes, there are a few markers on the UFOtracker where you can see someone saw something and close by, someone reported a similar sighting at almost the exact same time. So right there, you have multiple witnesses in multiple locations.

"Wow signal"?

The fraud I see a lot in UFOology today is people with wild unprovable claims. Corey Goode is perhaps the most famous version of one of these people. And, while I do have some metaphysical ideas about what all this might mean, I feel telling people about 7' tall blue chicken people reeks of a psy-op.

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