Yes this case of the wow signal is really good and great to tell people who are new to this subject to get them interested.

Many UFO skeptics have one major argument related to UFO's and the ufology field and it usually is something like this, "If UFO's are real, than where is the evidence!"

Now, if they are talking about a little dead alien Grey body being dumped outside one's home, or a extra terrestrial craft landing on the lawn of the white house, probably this type of "evidence" will not ever happen.

But if we are looking at photography, videos, radar tracking data, declassifies documents, high level military and political whistle blowers, contactees/experiences, than maybe we really do have some evidence to begin discussing this subject matter from a credible footing.

Astrophysicist, Dr J.Allen Hynick, referred to it as an “embarrassment of riches”, when looking at all the vast amounts of data we have to corroborate that we are not alone in the universe or even in our own very solar system!

Dr. Steven Greer has shed light to many declassified documents from high ranking Truman and Eisenhower era Generals confirming the UFO issue and that it is a real occurrence.

Astronauts that were on the moon including Edgar Mitchell, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, all corroborated publicly or privately that they saw "things" both on the moon and around the moon they couldn't explain.

Anyway enough of my rant haha

Oh, THAT "Wow Signal". I'll do some research. It's all very exciting. Great time to be alive on planet Earth!

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