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It's actually a blockchain based advertising company that works on programmatic advertising that makes you more benificial.

Screenshot (8).png

In the above picture they are showing they try to uderstand their investors the profit of programatic advertising..

From my point of view it's a good plateform for investor's.


You can go to their website and join them..Thank you

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i am participate this ico

nice review brother of ICO

good info graphics on Artificial Intelligence

Good info i m thinking to join them

Nice review bhai.
Keep doing best .
Best of luck.

Great review but i have one question how to check rating of these ico do you know any site which gives ico rating

Good bro I support you please you support me

i already claim broooo nd information is good

nice...bro..together we will do blast on blog..thank you

Let's see how long go this project because many of them already have in market

AI can be utilized by so many industries. Good to see it being used for crypto marketing.

Good post bro. I hope this ICO succeed and you earn in it.

Artificial intelligence is future. If we can use it in trading then it will give more profit.

good going

Your content is really good and i like it . I haveupvoted you in return to your upvote, hope you follow me too
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