Could not earn of you website? Try Ubex!

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You have traffic. You do not have profit!

Today almost everybody have its own website, no matter is it small company of celebrity: you have visitors and you can earn money on their actions. We have listened to thousands of webmasters and even performed our personal research to find out the most common issues with online advertising and to find the way to solve them. Take a brief look: 

  • Algorithms that work on your website are not able to work properly and show the right advertisements in time. The most common case is when advertisement is displayed twice to two different people, one of which do not want to buy anything. Since the person had not made click, webmaster loss his possible profit. 
  • Advertisers do not know their own target audience. For example, were witnesses of several campaigns that should be targeted on gamers, but the advertisements were placed on gamers websites only, but not on other sites that gamers visit often. In such terms, webmaster is losing his profit one more time. 
  • Payments are not made in full volume or not made in time. Advertising platforms can keep your money for several weeks just to cover their losses and webmasters can literally do nothing about it.
  • Advertising platform may stop looking for new advertisers, so your website, which is connected to it, stop making you any king of profits. 
  • Weak tracing tools miss several efficient actions, so you lose your money. Sometimes it may be made manually, because platform representative may steal your money by showing the wrong statistics. 

What are the options?

Fortunately, the blockchain revolution had changes habitual order of thing, so now both webmasters and advertisers are able to start work in completely new way. Ubex team deeply understand all the problems you had mentioned previously and could solve them by simple and effective tools

  • To optimize and boost fulfilment of advertising blocks Ubex uses neural networks, which are able to work and think faster than any living person. With such support, you may be sure that your blocks for ads are fully used.
  • In addition, neural networks allow to improve targeting algorithms. It will decrease the amount of user actions and the profit of the webmasters. Finally, you may be sure that ads are interesting for visitors of your portal.
  • Blockchain gives an opportunity to eliminate any kind of fraud, because every single action could be traced. In addition, there is no broker, all the UBEX users interact with each other directly in safe and reliable environment. 

With Ubex you will stop to worry about your profits, because neural networks will help to find the best advertisements for your website and its visitors. In addition, you do not need to perform any additional actions, because connection to UBEX will be similar to connection on any other advertising platform, with one single exception: it is blockchain-based technology, which is much more effective than any other solution you may come across. Check Ubex official website to find out more!

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