Best Selling UberEats Clone In 2020 for On-Demand Food Delivery Startups

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Thinking of starting a Ubereats like online food ordering app in 2020 will be the best business decision. The future prospects of online food delivery are bright with an annual growth rate exceeding 10%. With such a growth rate you need not worry about long term sustainability. Also, this sector evolved a lot and many exciting technologies at your disposal make this startup idea exciting.

Now comes the next step of choosing the app solution for it. The app solution is the core of this business idea and having the one can make or break your startup.

To make your work easy, I have consolidated a list of top 5 food app software made by skilled development companies. These are Ubereats clone scripts which is an exact replica of Ubereats. Having said that, it is possible to make changes over and above the scripts. The scope of the changes is subjected to innovation and market trends.


If you are looking for a technically strong solution with high performance on all fronts, then SpotnEats will be the best choice. Their Ubereats clone script is completely overhauled to give a new design, look, and interface.

The overall function is similar to Ubereats but it has a major change in usability. Your users will feel the change and rate this solution a notch greater than other food apps.

After-sales assistance from SpotnEats is something unique and offers a host of new services. They believe in long-term assistance with clients and hence strive to give better customer service, be it in discussion or development.

Jungle works

Jungleworks Ubereats clone has features like Heat view, AI chatbot for users, easy registration, social media log in, nearby restaurant search, and many more.

Existing features in Ubereats are revamped extensively to match the ongoing market trend. They give full source code on purchase without any encryption to ensure independence for the clients.

For 2020 they have decided to bring new functionalities and packages to cater to specific clients.


Uberdoo’s Ubereats clone is a simple secure and reliable solution with extra emphasis on the security of data; this is imperative since a large amount of user data is used in the service.

Their development team built the solution to be 100% customizable and easy to modify. This especially benefits non-technical entrepreneurs who are using it.

Commission management, order customization, discount management, etc are some sophisticated functions in this solution.
Three-year free support, 2 year free updates, free brand removal, and free installation are some perks you get when you choose this solution.


Eatzilla is made with open source platforms like Laravel and PHP, this makes the solution easy to customize and add new features. The makers have deliberately designed in such a way to allow the clients to mold the solution to any shape.

The turnaround time is very short and it allows the clients to track every process from the start.

Bringing traffic to the app is easy with this solution since it is highly optimized for SEO and their team has good knowledge in digital marketing. AI is extensively used for many features in order to bring more sales to the app service.


Appdupe food delivery software maker offers two versions of the food, one is a basic version and a more advanced version. The basic version has the most fundamental features of Ubereats and the premium version comprises niche features.

Bootstrapping startups will find Appdupe’s basic version as the right choice for them. The business team assigns a project manager to each client and assist them till the end. AI, machine learning, and IoT have a lot of applications in this food app startup.

Wrapping up!

Selecting one solution from this list will ensure a good start to your food delivery startup. Always stay updated with the solution provider to discuss the latest trends and ways to implement them. In 2020, the overall on-demand food app sector will see new investors and more restaurants registering in online apps.

To get more insights about the listed solutions, visit their site; talk to the executives and take a better well-informed decision.


I've reviewed all the above applications, Eatzilla food delivery script works well compared to others

Hi, I would like to add WooberlyEats UberEats Clone solution to the above list. WooberlyEats is developed by the team of tech experts who’re experts in leading tech stacks. They have developed this solution using flutter technology which gives an extraordinary app performance with a low cost of development.

Does anyone plan to start an on-demand food delivery business? I will recommend you to consider WooberlyEats for a quick and long term success. Reach their business team to get more details about WooberlyEats

Amazing list of some of the best UberEats clone. Great for the next food delivery start-up. Saves a lot of time, cost, and effort on development. However, there are still some great UberEats clone app that has the potential to match the original app in terms of features and UI designs. We should definitely check them out as well.