The Uber Air Taxi

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Uber once again has broken boundaries in the world of innovations and technology, they have a paternership with nasa to produce airtaxis which are yet to make thier debut. Many say it looks like a mini helicopter but regardless of opinions it's a wonder.
Large cities like New york, Shanghai and lagos which suffer major traffic might have found thier break through with this project.

An announcement was made on Tuesday by Uber about this new invention.
NASA scientists and engineers say this new innovation which is about to come into the main stream will come in some years to come. Uber had unveiled plans of developing electric flying cars to help in decongesting traffic and making transportation safer in large business oriented cities like Lagos,Boston,New York ,Shanghai e.t.c NASA has been in the aviation and aerospace engineering industry for as long as we can all remember so they are some of the best hands uber can work with on this project.Uber plans on making the prototypes ,while with NASA's technical know how of the industry, NASA will work on simulations and also ensure industry standards are met during this projects duration.
Though the project is being worked on and advancing favourable both companies hope the the air taxi will start flying commercially in 2023 and the good news is the bookings will be done on the uber app just like the taxi rides are done. Due to recent technological advancements uber believes it's air taxi will be cheaper to use and also release minimal pollution to the atmoshere compared to other flying transportation means.

But it will likely be years before the technology is ready and broadly available. Flying cars will need to safely operate in crowded airspace, near small drones and traditional airplanes. The safety of flying cars will need to be proven, and regulations will need to be developed. A NASA associate Jaiwon Shin in a statement made, makes us believe urban air mobitily could revolutionize the way people travel in our cities and change so many perceptions of cheap and efficient travel just like the smart phone revolution.
Most l of us thought uber and NASA where the only companies working on this but note that there are other companies and organizations working on air taxi such as
A Slovakian company , Aeromobil though thier looks more like a mini plane.

CEO Larry Page is also investing in an air taxi known as cora.
Lastly even in the UAE (Dubai) air taxisare being worked on and also being tested.Though the propellers take up more space, it is more like a drone and the most important thing is it is driverless. This is a shot of the crown Prince of Dubai Mohammed Bin Hamdan testing one.
With these technological advancements is there continuous proof that there are no boundaries with technology.
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Air taxis. This is definitely for the super rich

this aircraft very luxury and shaped like a drone