Trump supporting Uber Drivers being banned for Alleged Intoxication.

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I have been supplementing my SEP IRA with Uber and Lyft for almost three years.
I can deposit almost $24,000 a year tax free.

Lately I have been reported as being intoxicated, twice now and have had my account suspended both times.
I was able to dispute both claims but still they cost me about $300.00 in earnings. I maintain a very high rating as a driver of 4.5 on both rideshare platforms. Between the two of them I have over 7000 trips in 2.5 years.

So this is a growing trend getting Conservatives and Trump supporters kicked off of platforms.
We saw Alex Jones get booted from damn near everything.
Gavin McInnes was also booted from several platforms.
Laura Loomer was kicked from Twitter Facebook and now she can no longer use UBER either as a passenger.
Lisa Haven has explored some of what is going on and has this report.

I have included screen caps of my latest conversation with Uber about this so you can see what is being done.
Also note that I believe the person that reported me the second time also scribbled FUCK TRUMP into my cloth seat with a ballpoint pen as seen here. The only way they know my politics is a Red Ball Cap on my dash FACING OUTWARD with the "Make America Great Again" Logo on it. It is not inward facing so they would have to be aware of it before they get into my vehicle.


I have also made them aware()

So the objective of this post is to make others driving for Uber and Lyft aware that if you are a Trump Supporter you are a target for retribution by Liberal passengers.

I hope that you upvote this post 100% as I could use some steem for the days I have missed my rideshare income.

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