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The Ubcoin marketplace has hit the ground running by offering amazing solution to eliminate difficulties encountered when trying to purchase goods or services with cryptos. With the introduction of the Ubank app, crypto traders can enjoy a modest peer-to-peer sales and buying of goods and services using the Ubcoin (UBC) in place of fiat currencies.

Watch this video as an introduction to the Ubcoin marketplace:

About Ubcoin

The Ubcoin is a global mobile marketplace that has been in existence for the past nine years. Having successfully worked on other products such as the ‘Navifon’ (a 3D navigation software application) and ‘uTalk’ (a social network platform), the team behind Ubcoin has taken a bolder step to building the present product known as the Ubank app powered by the blockchain technology. The Ubank app has been in use since 2013 with current users exceeding 16 million. However, with the advent of the blockchain technology, Ubank is set to exploit this means to the advantage of all users on the digital marketplace.

Ubcoin Vision

Ubcoin vision is simple and clear; to provide a safe, easy, long-lasting platform where all can buy, own and conduct transactions daily with cryptocurrencies.

Why did Ubcoin come up with this vision?

  1. Despite the popularity and use of cryptos in this 21st century, many are faced with the hurdle of how to safely purchase and store up cryptos. Ubcoin will make it easy and safe for them.

  2. The use of online marketplace is increasing exponentially with an estimated sum of USD2.44 million spent for online purchase in the past two years.

  3. By 2020, it is expected that the global use of smartphone devices for storing up cryptos will climb to 37%.

  4. The market potential for online buyers is on the increase with a projection of over 2 billion people by 2020.

From above factors, there is need for potential crypto users to have a reliable platform where they can store and become crypto owners, sell and buy goods conveniently.

It’s all about safety!

One major concern for using the digital marketplace is the safety of funds and identity. The Ubcoin platform has taken necessary measure to secure user’s identity and the transaction of funds. Using the Ethereum blockchain technology, Ubcoin has integrated the smart contract feature that will ensure smooth and safe transactions between users. Aside from safety, the technology will also ensure stability and easiness in verification processing for peer-to-peer relations. Other features intended to be integrated later on to ensure safety may also require KYC/AML procedures before transactions will be completed in some deals. Therefore, the effects of this feature will allow for legitimacy in goods and services transacted on the Ubcoin marketplace.

The Technology

As mentioned earlier, the Ubcoin marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology that will oversee activities such as the smart contract, managing, and operation of the tokenized cryptocurrency. The platform structure and architecture will take care of basic and complex system modules from the authorization and security modules to transaction execution processes.
The basic system module is as depicted in the infographics below;

The Ubcoin (UBC) Token

The UBC as the utility token will serve as the means for conducting transactions between users and overseeing smart contract and fees charged on the Ubcoin platform. Detailed info on UBC token distribution is included in the whitepaper (scroll down the page for link).

Below is the Token parameters and supply distribution;
ubc distr.png

Why you should consider contributing to Ubcoin

• The Ubcoin is an existing company with years of experience since 2009.

• The company has successfully built and launched products during this period with the present product - Ubank having over 16 million users globally.

• The management team behind Ubcoin are pure professionals plus over 50 skilled developers.

• A Strong partnership with reputable companies such as Fly and Samsung.

Ubcoin Team

Ubcoin team is comprised of professional business owners and entrepreneurs in the financial industries and with credible certification in the management studies. The CEO and founder of Ubcoin, Felix Khachatryn possess a wealth of experience in the financial services and skilled in mobile applications, management, and software services. Felix, alongside two other co-founders – Mazhar Jan and Andrew Lee, shared the same vision coupled with staunch determination to offer a unique crypto service to all. The board of advisers is made up of qualified men in the financial and banking sector, mobile devices, and technologies supported by their experiences in sales and market launch. Full list of members’ profile is available on the Ubcoin website.

Ubcoin Roadmap
ubc rdmp.png

Need more information about Ubcoin? Contact on social;

Website: https://ubcoin.io/
Whitepaper: https://ubcoin.io/en/whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/ubcoinmarket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubcoin
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Ubcoin-838741126308809/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ubcoin
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRB5FO3TQHqVEQs3kWUkaow

Author Info:
Name: Petrosnoah
BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3602568.0

Disclaimer: Petrosnoah, the writer of this article is not a member or in any way directly related to the above-mentioned company and product. However, the writer took the time to write his honest opinion based on the information gathered from the internet and the company’s website and whitepaper. This is not a financial advice; please always do your own research properly before taking part in any token sale.

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