Happy UASF Anniversary Bitcoiners! Interest Rate Cuts - BCH Exchanges - and Bitcoin's Price!

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The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates yesterday for the first time since 2008, we're going to find out today what that means for us as investors and traders, and why I'm so excited. Bitcoin Cash is launching it's own exchange, Binance makes adjustments to it's BNB Snapshot Mechanism, and Happy 2 Year UASF Anniversary Everybody! We did it, Bitcoin is stronger than ever, and the future looks so bright.

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Crypto Comment Giveaway Winner: Trunker 0:02:44
Bitcoin Analysis and Trading Strategy 0:07:25
Ethereum Analysis and Trading Strategy 0:34:39
Litecoin Analysis and Trading Strategy 0:40:12
BNB Analysis and Trading Strategy 0:47:07
Break Time 1:01:39
Back From Break 0:53:03
Forex Trading Strategy 0:59:59
Ripple Dumps Over $250 Million XRP in Q2 - In House Cracking Cryptocurrency Blog! 1:14:52
Interest Rate Cut - What Does This Mean For You? 1:18:35
Bitcoin Cash Launching A BCH Exchange! 1:28:44
sk3w July Report Summary 1:31:54
Binance BNB Snapshot Mechanism Update 1:36:00
UASF 2 Year Anniversary - The Road So Far! 1:38:42
Signoff 1:49:44

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