Fry meat - it was delicious

in ua •  last year

In our small but very interesting country - on August 24 every year there is an interesting holiday. Independence Day.
This time I had this day without alcohol.
We gathered with our family, went to our plot of land (vegetable garden) and fried meat.
The meat was a home turkey.
A piece of turkey weighing 1.5 kilograms was marinated and was also cooked.
A bag of charcoal - 1.5 kg was left for cooking.
The children were delighted. The meat turned tender and soft.
In general, we ate a lot of the family.


Thank you for being. With you always - @nezaigor.

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This is a heart warming post. I can relate to this post because when we have a holiday like Christmas my family comes together and we eat like kings. Good work man!

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It sounds fun and the meat looks delicious

Marinated turkey cooked outside with family together...perfect day! Looks delicious. : )