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RE: News & Updates on @steem-ua & UA-API!

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Congratulations on all the delegation you guys are getting and for coming up with such a good idea. I'll be delegating to this soon as well.

I'm curious to know how long after a post is published does your bot upvote that post or make the calculations of how many comments the post received.

I curate a community called Open Mic and while there are a lot of comments on my weekly posts, they come in throughout the week the contest runs. If your bot makes calculations before all those comments come in it could be missing the true amount of engagement happening there. I'm just curious of the timing you guys use or how you take that into account.

Keep up the good work and you have a new follower.

I just checked and your site says I have a UA score is 6.199 and a US rank of 221. I guess that's pretty good, but hey, the largest room in the world is room for improvement.


i was thinking about that too, but now as i read your comment it makes sense that it is some kind of average comments on your posts (not sure is average on all your posts to much calculation) or something like that.

I don't know. Will leave that to your numbers people. The app is incented to vote early on a post to get rewarded, but, like in my case, the comments come in all the way up to the last minute before payout. So I'm not sure how you would balance that.

from the discord talk
"- currently a post needs to be at least 6 hours old before we're curating / upvoting it

  • UA_Comment is a very complex algorithmic computation that looks at a number of things regarding comments / user engagement, and who is engaging how"
    so not really sure what that means but it is not just number of comments

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