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RE: News & Updates on @steem-ua & UA-API!

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Our new and improved formula, which includes scoring a post's user engagement to ultimately compute our upvote with, is now like this

Keep improving it..keep making it complex enough for any single player to game it!!


another signal to consider , not only comment engagement on a post but upvotes on comments anywhere on blockchain ( determined by UA of upvoter)


Delegated 25 , let's get this rolling

Actually upvotes on comments would be a great idea

To be clear , I am not suggesting for UA bot to vote for comments rather I am suggesting UA algo takes into account engagement on comments ( as wells as posts).

I think it was pretty clear since many people reply and engage with others but not so many upvote their followers’ comments...

Now I don’t suggest that all comments should be upvoted since there are also a lot of spam/ trash comments. But there are also useful and meaningful ones which don’t get the love they deserve
Just saying too...

I agree with the sentiment...

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