Self-isolation from covid19 on a boat

in #ua2 years ago


I don't like to stay at home - you can easy self-isolate in the wilderness :).


Disclaimer: now in Ukraine there are no restrictions for such types of activity :).


This time I explored the former abandoned church. Now it's restored by priests.


In soviet times they built a water reservoir on Dnipro river. So, few villages were evacuated and flooded. The village church was partially flooded, and after the Soviet Union disappeared, the orthodox priests decided to rebuild this place. Now they advertise this place to the believers as "sacred, saved by divine power".


From Kyiv you can get there only by car or 2wheeled vehicle. Don't forget to bring your own boat. Also you can rent it there, but, in my humble opinion, it's not so interesting. And the boatman is not tested for Covid19 :). So, take a can of beer and explore it!


From the top of the nearest island you can find a nice scenery (the first pic).


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