@tyrnannoght : washed-up beach, Thethawing, 28 in the Year of Standing Ground

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it looks like for some reason after a month it redirects to the old alleycat.be domain, suddenly now i post it, if i put the hyperlink in a browser it gets there, if i click the link from here i get an error page, on top of that i see one of the retard nazi faction spambots has flagged morgan - WITHOUT MORGAN , there is no playcoin for the game, if your fucking steemcleaner retards rape it i'll have to move the whole account, YOU ARE A HEAP OF FASCIST SHIT

->> as proof of the site that was accessible via the links up until a few hours :

just enter the url, its there but someone fucked something up, leaving me with no doubt that ill be better off paying for local hosting when i get the money

as the game moves to the [external site](https://tyrnannoght.000webhostapp.com/tyrnannoght/tyrnannoght.php) at a pace i can manage during brainfog and triffid attacks from all sides - the posts are still needed for funding and keeping it f2p - especially @goldmanmorgan and @tyrnannoght itself - the zones could manage after being raped by steemcleaners or their trolling kind but there's ofcourse more loot to get if the posts can be voted on ... that should make sense even to content paladings who, by now, might see the moneymakers for your steemchain AINT your weekly post-writers , but that they actually live by the grace of the dapps and the bots who get this place injected and infused with what you need to play your little hobbies : REAL USD ... thanks for your consideration in not raping my accounts any further
you can login to the site with account : gmtester and password : peek to see any changes (no worries you wont break anything or accidentally steal my funds) or you can link your own account to the site if you have a local voting account @goldmanmorgan, the rest is w.i.p. , e.t.a : nAn
posts will evolve soon enough as citizen movement will be something not visible by default but will require "stuff" ...

Free speech was meant to be free for all,
it is absolutely free or it is absolutely not,
how can anyone grow up in a nanny state ?

the dark Catling

Today is Thethawing, 28 in the Year of Standing Ground

Weather: Conditions: 20 F (-7 C) - Overcast Wind: From the SSE at 7 MPH Humidity: 85% Pressure: 29.94 in (1014 mb) Location: Dudinka (RS) Altitude: 223 m Time: December 9, 2:30 AM MSK Observation Time: December 9, 12:00 AM MSK simplified weather sim for now : no rain

daterelated - something something since this is not rumours
You open your eyes, last thing you remember the mäelstrom ...

You look around.

You find yourself on the seashore, surrounded by tall mountain-range. Nearby you see a freshly dug-up grave. It almost looks like something clawed its way out, your hands are covered with wet, dirty sand. A strong wind blows loudly. You can't make out whats over the dunes and hills nearby but you see a small hut and a pier in the distance. It looks like someone's standing on it.
You're wearing nothing but a burial gown, covered in dirt and sand, can't remember anything but sinking into the dark, deep water, dragged down, drowning, the end ...

Players :
Esmour Kingeston(citizen) Machefet Snag(citizen-trait) Pjötr(citizen-trait) Mobbs(citizen-trait) Babyshanks(citizen-trait) Yvon du Mont Morency Alys Beauson(citizen) Ingelward Duclos(citizen-trait) Erika(citizen-trait) Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen) Knuckles(citizen-trait) Matt(citizen-trait) Amphelice Ailemer(citizen) Cici(citizen-trait) Qiao Si(citizen-trait) Avina Van Biesbrouck(citizen-trait) Matilda Downer(citizen-trait)
washed-up beach npc in reach : 'ole Spicey(npc)

Actions :


“The four points of the compass be logic, knowledge, wisdom and the unknown....To bow before the one is to lose sight of the three.” ― Roger Zelazny, Lord of Light
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