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Little by litte it might get somewhere :

I seem to be at a stage where my super-mini zone limbo (@tyrzone.tin00) is running me through it without errors,

got the page in between to pocket the morgancoin to player inventory working with, dare i say 8 input boxes (not native to phaser), which after that loads a small vid (very small) animation and loads "the Washed up Beach"

For which i have basically nothing but the model of Ole Spicey and now :

A preliminary tileset , 64x64px , also available on #opengameart here :


(if anyone uses it i much prefer getting it from #opengameart instead of directly from my cloudinary as that uses bandwidth)

The tiles are seamless, made with #Gimp ( https://www.gimp.org/ ) , not very hard actually, but usable :)

license free but requires credit and linkback as all my #stuff

(to the site :p)

Gud ... onward !

to give just a small idea, without any gfx or sound the main php script and the main phaser.js script for limbo combined are close to 2000 lines by now (that's just the main ones, not the includes and the small things to jquery and the rest around it ... so i think i'll be busy if it doubles ? i think it will more than double as limbo is just a warmup lol 9 maps of "hell" at 10x10 (bugs seem to grow exponentially :p)

  • no it's not bragging, i'm a hobbyist, i never went to school for it, although i feel like if they would have pushed me THERE instead of Latin/Math i might be one of those people with neo-beards doing youtube videos and speaking l33tspeak (at least i got spared from that ..)

I feel some of the elders are confused on "copyright" ... all my stuff is gpl or cc, which does not mean public domain, everything is MINE, the code, the graphics, the music, the sound fx, all mine, unles the name Tyrnannoght has been branded ? (which is possible, it's a big planet) Tyr (stone) of Noght (nite) City of night ?

But that's all i can, dear elders, you know very well actual patenting and copyright is for millionnaires only - and if you look around, half the internet is free, the big five are giving it all away for FREE, you can't just go around charging out of the blue, although i DO INTEND TO MONETIZE, its certainly too early for that, and i'm not generation ICO either, i want something tangible to display before i go about bragging, and i dont like bragging

if i say : "bragging is for losers" then that something i shouldnt have said, right ? High time i get me a smoking hot marketing girlfriend so i can stop talking ...

I'm also a force of chaos and also on something else as well - (not drugs, some THING to DO ..., precious) and simply migrating these some-thousands lines of scripts and stuff already needs modding as its not exactly the same on my localhost, which is an offlie apache ... LAMP as they call it where i have full control over what goes where and hostinger is not ...

SO, don't wait up for it, but DO stay tune (as if anyone reads this HAHAH, i put something up on OGA (opengameart) i get like a comment or a few within an hour to a day but here ? hmmm ...)

sneer, sorry its for the best b/c i don't pay much attention anymore as its usually nothing anyway. I'm starting out wub with a 100x100 map , that's 10.000 tiles (a lot smaller in size than it sounds) and when i get encounters, drops, items, ole spicey, random events, citizen movement and the shady dealer poppin in now and then i guess i could
say it's like "early access" or something as i need to feel the balancing for the eco-system (doesn't guarantee there be players :p) but in essence from there you could start scrounging tin coins (a lot of tin to get one steem, it's a game, not a bank)

the keywords in essence and capital if not excluded (probably out of rc almost on this one)

uploaded , for all i can see it works, i just ran the lowest level though, pickups chests, animantions, moving enemies, all well within time and latency to be playable - but that's only that, its just limbo, no playergeneration yet but can test with login : gmtester, psw : peek (cant do anything wrong, transactions require a confirmation code entered on steemit @gmdatacenter by the relevant account but i think i might put that as an option in settings later , for people who think it's too much hassle

but if you do ... then no complaining afterwards, lol, NOTHING ASKS FOR YOUR STEEMKEYS, its a simple one step confirmation code to link the @goldmanmorgan account to the site, no third parties, so the only way someone gets your key is if they're already in your steemit account - its both clientside AND serverside encrypted, no literal psw are stored , not even the server admin gets to see what you sent so i certainly don't either. Changing psw is as easy as entering a different one, then the new confirmation code and that's it, next time you login with the new psw its all set

but : there's just the tester account active now , BUT you can vote on morgan to get coin already, anything over treshold is returned to the voter :)

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