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living on hope :p heh

i probably should have kept these for three weeks of @tyrnnanoght posts as i hate to create hype while nothing's there yet but at the price of the posts i can see i'm in no danger of that - i wish things would always go that fast, although i still feel i'm wading through interdimensional statisfoam, really .. there's just too much to learn and my head ain't what it used to be.

the washed-up beach, the first zone that actually has life and death and eco-system - encounters, a "native" npc living there and i hope much more ... this is actually nothing but graphics moving with very little game behind it, BUT ... it's a long way from the first few lines of code for limbo

and the particles <3 ... got an idea to make the map look better too - i need to win some lottery or something so i can dedicate myself at ease with no distractions

(it's got sound too but kazam doesn't record that ... the encounter sample is on #opengameart , among other assets, under some kind of free license there


anywho, 4:30 am, i should think of my eyes and stuff ...

and take a day or two to go around the house and the garden, entropy's a b*tch

m, hm ... i always feel like i'm gonna get ripped by a gang of teamplayers or something because i talk too much about it but well ... we'll see where it goes

as i am the cat
that walks by himself
and all places are alike to me ...

it's turn-based so a slow connection shouldn't make a difference to the gameplay for all but a very few where client-side collision is implemented but that would be places where you can't actually lose a life (limited lives - with options to get extra lives as i'd like to have it - but that's all futurama ..)
here i go, talking again, i already feel sorry, lol

phew, well, well its posted anyway, no use crying over spilled intel heh ... the HUNGER i get from this ... i just downed a whole pot of rice and meat in under five minutes, now i understand why L Lawliet was always on the sugar and the pastries - it seems to take a lot out

(disclaiming hereby that i do not compare my self to L lawliet before it's that time again tsch, gud well)


... gud ...

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