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But a turnbased game would


So, i have so much brain left it took me 30 minutes thinking about "*i need an icon for the wait-button*" ti come up with


As usual , also available on #opengameart : https://opengameart.org/users/alleycat <-- here ... but, for my own solo-thing i need all assets to be mine, all music, all code, my team is me and the people in my head after all, i could give a free bit of advice for potential future people who can get past the part where i don't talk the talk but im fairly good at what i do:
"don't use f-words like team in my vicinity, you might scare the cat, it might jump on the roof and once it's up there it takes a while before it comes down again"


keeping busy ... i don't really need occupational therapy, i need money, ... (don't we all ... no, actually a lot of people sit on a lot of it and don't need it ...)

TURN-BASED game, consider your player a piece on a chessboard and every action is a decision, including waiting ... you might need to recover from wading through difficult terrain, your thirst and hungerlevels increase faster depending on levels of fatigue (will show some in tyr-post on friday) et al ... it's not for fraggers or people with ADHD ... and

it will be there when it's there, it's my work, and it could be a (quite decent to maybe very good) product, but it's my 'work' in the first place (does not equal 'job' does equal "a" work ...)

the person who needs to like it first

is me :)

salesforce later as i suck at that ... but im sure if it can get money i can find someone to do the bla

wouldn't you think so, precious ?

yes, cat, the smell of money, we do remember many friends when money was ample and plenty ...

yes, we do, precious ...

keeping busy :

between tyrnannoght and steemplayer, which both are getting me zero atm i don't need "extra exercise" but if anyone has my money i'm always willing to listen, i'll leave the saving and the free code to those who don't need it


keeping busy ...

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