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with a -t that would nsfw, right ?

Small bits ... since wub is SO muc more than limbo and i had two weeks or more of not seeing my non-designed code (i don't design ... its like , i just don't ... i don't believe in longterm planning anyway ... as PhD in systems will confirm you : the longer the term and the more complex the more chance at failure over time)

as I, myself (=me) like to say : entropy's a bitch ...


i need so much more, the encounters the pickups arent just lying around, i had to figure a mousecursor but in phaser you get your "world", which atm is like 100x100 TILES, but thats actually 100x100 times 64x64px, you see ? so you can't just put that cursor at 10,0 when your down because that's not really how and its all after every turn, new again

but it works ... but i need to fill in a lot of dots, graphics, and the only actual sfx i have is my footsteps recorded with a phone and a jingle for "encounter"

and #stuff ... is it worth it ?

euhm ... do you mean by what ? how many facebooklikes ?

it keeps my head quiet and it's interesting ... if it has to sell i'll need to find someone to do that :)

when i deem it presentable








Most of these will end up on #opengameart here :

under Creative Commons License, so if you use them i willest a link back to the game site

(atm https://tyrnannoght.alleycat.be )

if you make money with it you need to put my name on it and tell everyone you made money with my stuff (= lol)

It's not as cavadesoi to have a character on a map with a viewport (i have a viewport , which might or might not be extended by stats / skills or items, they sky's pretty much the limit ... as well as having only 2 arms and not being able to stay on it 24 hours a day) and then ask the server if you click on the map like

"what does that click mean" ? lol

that's gonna be quite the conditional ...

i mean , is it "in range", what is the terrain, is there anything on it, what does the player have equipped , and lalala ...


also the massive amount of assets this will require , i have separate loaders now, limbo loads assets, then when you get "out of limbo" and wash up on the beach (anims not included yet) it loads ALL assets required for the beach zone, whic h is not much now (about some megabytes = lol) but will be quite some i suspect - i just pre-load because having to load them on the fly seems a really bad idea. It's turn-based so basically every move you make or action you take equals one turn (that's why it can be cheat free to the best of my knowledge) so its not gonna be for the A D D -crowd (lol) or the fraggers. Those numbers @goldmanmorgan, that's your bank account, you can pocket an amount when you get out of limbo and you can not store or add more unless you meet a branch or representative of Goldman somewhere (which won't be on the beach or in the slums)
when you die it stays on your corpse and you might lose it, as i said before : in short

it's not fun : it's plain torture :)

spirit of miyazaki and sony EQ1 :p generation 64 commodore ... can't help it ... i'm helping on a site for casual gaming as well which is ... how does the incrowd call that ?

id say not yet ready for live

but this one ? i want ME to like it and pat myself on the back for programming it heh ...

and then stuff like, i got a video , the thing with the stonehenge type entrance, rendered, which is all fine but i can have an mkv at 256 kb while the mp4 is 5 times the size and browsers dont support mkv ... or i'm missing something so the load will be huge

another reason why i don't see it happening on smartphones

not the complete game anyway

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