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I has issues

Yes i has issues too , but with Ole Spicey's clothes


None of the arango or other tutorials seem to work out for poor ole spicey, all that fits is the pants ... if i don't put him in sitting position, the others dont even budge after weight transfers and re-parenting ... and proxy fittting puts the shirt collar somewhere around his navel, so that might be a while, im almost thinking of just rendering him naked at 64px and colouring in the dots for the map-sprite ... which leaves me short of a walking animation

you think it comes by itself between the thousands of lines of code and about months now working on it ? Last time i read something on demo's (demoscene, it seems to be a european thing one guy said their whole TEAM had worked EIGHT MONTHS on ONE DEMO ... that's one demo ... with a team, so don't wait up for it, but better steemprice and some real support might get me some better hardware which at least would improve render time

otherwise, i'll just keep at it anyway ... (m not gonna roll over for a potential cookie in the future, you should ask the doggies if you want that)

Well i picked them from the garden and then out-pixelled them into a proper alpha channel rock-pic


i use it for both inventory items and merged with tilemaps for terrain types



Everything from this available on #opengameart : https://opengameart.org/users/alleycat (and more , and WAY more to come ... we all LOVE spending hours for free , so why not ...)

define "good content" ?

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