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Not much of an actual update but it has to be done , right,

Even if Tyrnannoght is not intended to be scaled down for small devices, now i'm "on" the Washed-up beach i feel i can make it work for tablets (under the assumption those handle 1080p without dithering or scaling or whatever tricks those smart things use)

So i got into some media asset tweaking for triggerhappy (steemplayer - which is not my domain btw, i'm just co-opping :p) bringing the byte-volume down by nearly 1.5 megabytes by trimming only 3 assets at the costs of nearly nothing noticeable (unless you got a really expensive phone or audio system maybe) I thought the Tyr-map "World's End" is very nice but at almost 5 mb 4K resolution maybe a bit more than needed, so i replaced it with a 1080p version, smudged out into something a bit more better looking than what i got rendered on Azgaar (you didn't think i drew that by hand, did you ?)

Which loads about 100 times faster i suppose now, yet still, i have no intention of crunching the assets and bytevolume down to phonesize. If anyone would wanna, as long as the dataplan is not limited it's playable since it's turnbased, a slow connection will just have you wait longer between turns and all the assets are loaded on start - or on switching zones in one go so once the game is on it doesn't have to for anything but ... well, don't wanna talk program... #stuff, which is usually small or #stuff from or to sql tables. As i don't wanna allow rage-quitting or double-loot-by reset (among other things) -

SO there it is, pardon the whopping 10 cents im sneaking from the pool with my massive promotion here, i'll leave it up to the "good content" curators to upvote me to $500 with their SP (that should take care of the server for a year hah hah, or get me food for 100 days...

Anyway :)


Screenshot from 2019-06-17 00-10-53.png

hm yes, the sprite used for devmode is #rpgmaker - made , it won't be in the live version as i came to understand the characters generated with rpgmaker are licensed for use in rpgmaker games only ... giving the fact that rendering and ole'spicey facial expression can take up to 40 minutes, i'm holding on playercharacter design for now :)

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