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I'd say that's progress ..


Screenshot from 2019-06-30 06-46-11.png

i dug out Singhalissa lately ... a character i once rendered when i wanted to do a comic ... maybe if i keep gathering assets for @tyrnannoght - the game that might even happen :)

but like my novelists my candle is SO high, vance , zelazny and le guin ... and then we got don lawrence ... tacito & froideval ... black moon chronicles OMFG

anyway ... another 5 cents well earned ... how much do kids in china get for 3 hours ?

Well it's about immersion, precious, it's a 2d overhead game after all, although id really like to have the tunnels as a 3d maze, if not realtime 3d then perspective 2d simulated like those dungeon master games (if you're a gamer you should know those ... even if you're not 120 years old like me ..)

HM .. i wonder what an "artist card" is ... i picked something up about it existing in Soviet Hellgium .... probably some kind of "license to art" or something, to make sure it's state-approved ... in effect probably means you only need to pay the state 20.000 a year io 40.000 before you can get 50 cents if you make a euro ...

something like that, must be something like that ...

good content huh ? suits & ties ... wanting to be lied to on how to get rich mostly ... but that's just an impression :)

Mh, well, downhere that always positive crud simply doesn't function ... believe it or not - it's not bitter, its fact i don't lose sleep over it, it's just how i came to see things, so if you knew me before you know some things must have changed me :)

7:45 am, finally i got that beetle, stupid shti ... ofcourse it won't write if you don't write it back to the according variable before logging ... the problem with not wanting to stop until you find it , right .. focus degrades and you get slightly annoyed which doesn't help either ...


thanks for the support !!!! (now THAT ... is sarcasm :)

hasta la proxima

oh, yea, ofc ... xept for the few people who will know who they are and most probably dont even want shoutouts as they prefer the quiet as i do ... let's hope this grows and i can share some ... i never been stingy, my undying gratitude for that !!!!!! <3 yu all

but i never been fuck broke for years either :p

in good health and of sound yet slightly whacky mind

mens sana in corpore sano

and ave Tenebrae and what not

alea iacta est

heeh, clearly time for naptime so i can get that cronthing for the gamestats logger fixed and get back to the games design

PHASER !!!!! YAY, seven cheers for phaser, i got quite some Patreon to pay too - id open up one myself but i have a hunch in soviet hellgium same thing : unless you make enough to pay 30 to 40k to the state in fees before you get a cent for yourself that would be tax-terrorism (worse than blowing up planes as we all know)


El Gato out ...

mh yea sure i'll take barter ... get me a rig with two brandnew latest nvidias and at least an i5, i can work for that, what do you want ? :)

eeeh ..sleepytime ...

yea yea, and its not that , ive been saying for years the only option for me is to be independent, i can CLEARLY put in the hours to run my shit - i could probably even leave out the cuss words in a pro environment, i dont think i used one when i did that retard callcenter job last time for months ... its people


im out, really ts, before irun out of rc

mm hm ... if the next HF is really gonna cut author rewards in half they certainly need to change to frontpage into "get rewarded for being rich" ... in my case im not gonna stop because this whole shit is mighty interesting, condenser is a bit of a work of art in symbiosis with the steemchain, that's all very attractive, and being busy like this keeps jane's underground to a minimum, but there's still "the place" ...

<- damaged goods , but i said that before
gtg ..

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yea, definitely worth 3 cents lol ... so if author rewards get halved this doesn't even pay out anymore ?

that's gonna be radical ... :) WHATEVER ... im sure the rich people know best whats best for all of us

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