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small edit : the original sheet had no transparency but i fixed that and re-uploaded it, if by one-in-a-million chance someone already has the url to use it will serve the original cached version for a bit, im not going to alter the name, it should update after a while the correct imagemagick for it was : "montage * -geometry 64x64 -background none chest1.png

Moving along one bit to the byte - graphics are not my priority over working programs (thats how old i am, i call a DAPP a webpage ...) - and game mechanics, and what puzzles me most : the ecosystem and sustainability of the system when it has to scale over x number of players, but i DO need them in order to advance so after tiling the floor and the obol for charon

which has its totally pick-upable and write to inventory-routine now

even with already a little bit o' shiney added ... (do you put your pieces on an empty table or do you draw the board first, im not a pipeline, im a hobbyist trying to make something i can like and be proud of here - if im lucky its attractive enough for people to want steem accounts to play it ...)

I got to thinking, ... like this most of the tiles will never be visited and they'll be lonely so i thought " why dont i add lore scrolls " , after all, any made-up world needs lore and this actually not half bad a way to start on that (start on that ? im also not linear and definitely not mister planning, i just go about and do ... (or don't)) <- see thats why i mean by talking in brackets , you should see the inside of my head lol

so i thought a loot chest wouldnt be a bad idea so i put on my robe and wizard hat


and get my #blender on again ... Every time i open it i sit in awe at the power that thing has, i think , after #linux itself it must be the most advanced, most powerful #FREE #opensource tool in existence right now , #condenser aint half bad, but we are in the toddler years here - even if generation iThing has an idea on how it has to bring it in by tomorrow, that's clearly not happening, we're at the foot of the mountain here. The road is long, and steep and winding and there WILL be avalanches from above, hail and other generally excrement-storms , pitfalls, betrayal - it's like the prologue to the drama, im quite sure of that. If #steemit inc gets its source of revenue steady that's not dependent on the steemprice itself i think the sky is the limit, only limited by EGO .. sometimes ...
#offtopic, woops, SO

Webp.net-gifmaker (1).gif

This is basically a cube with a few loop cuts extruded, some basic textures applied to selected faces, cut up in twos, the origin of the top placed to "the hinge" and rotating there.
If i put in all the shortcuts here its gonna look like linux awkard grepcat said (like simon <- incomprehensible me) and i think if you dont have the will to pray to the 1e100 for guidance you wont get much done in blender anyway, besides there's awesome people outthere like #blenderguru on #youtube who will explain you everything you need to know from the very first helloworld-type render

As its for a 64x64 pixel sprite and mostly to test the pickups. As i HAVE done php before but long ago, as a lot of javascript is new to me, including even ajax and a-synchronous calls, as i havent done anything with phaser until a few months ago

this is my first attemp at a spritesheet for an animated sprite, now see :

i have no intention of sourcing the program, it seems like really bad idea to opensource a game because people gonna game the game ...

what i CAN do is put all the tiles and sprites and whatever (other than probably the full characters like olespicey in full effect, which doesn't exclude rpgmaker-sized spritesheets of them) on #opengameart


(over time ... probably for stuff like the chest or obol with the blender files included, arent i the total broke bum altruist or what?)

if you're into that kind of stuff you WILL need


give bjorn a hoot and if you got stacks give 'im some on patreon - the dude is hard at it, so are the people at Phaser


same thing there - bjorn would ike to go full time and he already has quite the following on patreon (and i can totally understand why) these people do it all for free , i think the old razor 1911 code would apply , oldskool as i am, if you like it AND you can afford it, throw the dog a bone (THATS NOT HOW YOU SAY IT)

to the "looks like shit" people, - i have no intention of shining before the motor runs flawlessly - im too old for the age of ICO - there will be no kickstarters or anything, i dont want to owe anybody BUT

if you think it might be something, keeping an eye on it costs nothing, all support is appreciated ofcourse

i'll keep things update per zone and on the game

and in the meantime let us pray to the gods of crypton that steem makes it back to some decent level , so we can all be motivated before we have our millions as the sky looks brighter in the distance


El Gato out ...

(you can use the spritesheet if you mention and link back to the game site, but it will say all that when i put it on opengameart ... i guess this is NOT according to the rules of utopian again , lol sorry, ... its euhm ... im not very good at that classic mating dance and the hair on my arms stands up when someone uses the world rules twice per sentence ...)

now i wonder should i use the brandlogo for every post or not ? in theory i should as it will stand out "on sight" in any feed where its on top for people who think "oh last post was something that might lead to something interesting ..."

i'll think about it ...

there you go : have a content !
are you not entertained ?

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