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Phew ...

"it" ... as i came to call it just decided i should stop at midnight again ... which usually means "it" will wake me somewhere around nine ... which doesn't help ... sounds crazy ? maybe i am ... but i don't know broken computers that turn themselves off at exact the same time ... nor have i ever seen, but once, a mainboard CATCH FIRE ... except here ... leaving out the stuff that moves and breaks if i go outside for more than 30 minutes if i believed in ghosts who could i would by now ...

That said ... i'm not sure if i'm overdoing it with the posts but since its "a new asset" or at least a modified one i think it can't hurt as its a little advancement on limbo (and boy does that take time ... if a first year student is an amateur then google is my teacher ...)

Most important lesson today would be to set the autosave folder in blender on linux NOT to /tmp ... (that's a really lousy standard choice there in case of a crash = lulz - well not quite , it cost me about 45 minutes of work on my work that hopefully will be a product i can like myself before i'm 80 so i'll spare you the stream of subsequent cusswords evoked by the event ...)

Just to show it's mine the screenshotmontage

for the game it's kept at :

that's a spritesheet with 64x64px tiles with no borders in between (i dont know why people would do that because a 1px border would take uhm ... amount extra pixels = bytes = kilobytes on larger = megabytes on total small games equals i don't know on larger and computer don't care


if anyone wants to use it for whatever it's also kept at #opengameart :


license included, comes down to do whatever you want with it as long as there's a linkback to the game (small bit of promo if done ...)

the files on opengameart include the #blender file so you can do pretty much whatever for real from there, or just use the spritesheet, or use certain frames from it ... its ffa ...

(preferably since my massive budget has me on free accounts on both hostinger and cloudinary so the bandwidth is not unlimited but downloading from opengameart doesn't cost anything)

and euhm ... well okay ... another small improvement update on @tyrnannoght

if the blenderfile looks crude at HD or 4K , it's intended for 64px sprites, so cut the cat some slack here :p

no half- " censored " essays in reply on anarchy or capitalism today ... i think i overdid myself yesterday with all the commlinks there soooo... mmh


El Gato out ...


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