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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


We can keep this short for the 8 cents actually : i didn't count the frames but at 1000 per picture that's probably a million words :

it MUST be a scam, to scam 5 cents a day from the pool !

AND VOTING ON ITSELF TOO (lets not mention all the others it votes on ...)

lately, i detect serious hippicrisy in the force, i bought some because it's low, i find it sold off by RICH PEOPLE the next day and its even lower ... SO ...

i don't think that is how it's done but for everyone selling there has to be someone buying so maybe i'm €50 responsible for dropping the price HAHA lol

let's keep an eye on it, it must be a scam

and let's keep an eye on THAT, THAT must be a ponzi scheme cos it's seriously starting to look like one ...

hm, the origipic is 9500 by 4700 px , i dont wanna lay that on your shoulders i call it World's End for now ... that should fit all the zones combined

right then ... back to the broke summer :)

hahahaha? raelly ? broke but spend €50 on steem ?
yes ...

its belgium here, remember ... not a country where you can eat for half a euro a day ... the folks are in belgium so they certainly wont let me starve and there's literally NOTHING i can do with €50 other than buy a few sixpacks so YEA (as if i need to explain myself, precious)

And don't get me wrong, i don't blame steemit for tearing my pants, i had NOTHING when i found this place (and i still wonder how its possible for someone living in a borgcube to miss this for more than a year ? that's probably one of the issues, mistrust is another, i notice when i talk to ppl about it, THEY DONT TRUST IT ITS DRUGS ! and stuff and pedophiles lol ... underground dark stuff ! (but this is the hinterlands ofcourse) - i had NOTHING, i throw a bill at it when i can spare one cos face it REALLY, €50 gets you nothing or nowhere unless trotting through the streets of paris BROKE for a night sounds like a fun thing to do to you ?

well, it IS, but not broke, heh ...

so YEA ... and yea yea and this is not the place to talk about that but until i find someone to do the talking for me i will be talking anywhere about anything that might pop up ... that's me : the schroedinger's cat nest, you dont need to tell me HOW TO do it, I KNOW HOW IT IS DONE, i see humans , i can read, but that's not me ... i CAN NOT DO THAT, it's against my system , it doesnt work for ME, maybe hard to understand for YOU but that's how it is for ME ...

but face it also, the call to onboard people only to see the money sold off ? it reeks a bit ... i know they're trying hard up-there, but most people who live only "up"there usually have no clue about down-below ... it's different worlds, dearie

might as well be other planets ...

its not like i spent fortune on it because i don't have and i dont think i bought any over 30 cents ... which means if ONLY ME CAN BUY IT THATS NOT GOOD ... people who got their BTC at $1000 STILL BE HAPPY, right, so that's where the real money goes right now, but from all i see even the dollar is taking a dunk, everything seems to be taking a dunk so i wonder

because that's not possible

who's GETTING the money for everything that dunks right now?

rated R for #offtopic

the map ?

have a go

, lol ... its with a fractal generator tool so i can rework it , this one i think has rivers and "borders" (for the zones) on it but its quite the filesize ... (well what ? tolkien had one on the inside of the cover of the books, why wouldn't i ? a bit of DEPTH , precious, ... its not 1830 you can write in multi-dimensions, from text, to code to environment, background, sound, atmosphere, visuals, its all ones and zeroes

you could write it like that

but no one would be able to read it

but Neo
and maybe mister robot ...

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