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So in case i need to justify myself :

why this and here :

  • i link the explanatory stuff in every post made , this way i can link the explanatory post without having to include the whole thing
  • i can edit however and whenever without having to make a new post and keep the same links (easy for auto-formatting and generation from separate content files and what not - its still steemchain after all, it CAN do all that)
  • the money ! (1 post here gets me 1/5th of a coffee in brussels after all) thanks for the last supervote there
  • and much more for which i have reasons which some will agree with and others wont but mostly
  • having a link to a post here doesnt get the "this link will take you to another website" notion , which almost always insta-feels like "eebul haxxers are trying to get at my tuna" ...
  • and then some , so i will remove thix explain the why i explain the explain bits section from the top here later and edit the post as needed, most of these things will be about what goes where on the website , keyboard shortcuts in game - maybe a bit of guideline on the world itself and stuff like that, so i can keep all those in one-time posts which i can edit as needed and link to in the main post and it will never state the "this guy is vissen" message (in short, yes)

So : part 1 : i keep track of what i do in screenshots since the actual update section is a bit old and i found it pointless to write about every 2 bytes i succeed in advancing on a night of clarity

Cool Text - Screens 377333051444496.png

I'm not much of a youtuber but i suppose i'll try making a video for all sections, assuming i can find my mask so i can hide ... and something to distort my voice (ofcourse),

so for this :

navigate to the website : https://tyrnannoght.eu , you will have one session cookie that holds not data whatsoever other than an id for the session it becomes redundant after 10 minutes (standard) and tracks absolutely nothing so i assume the E.U. despots will be good with that - there is no phishing and if anyone has doubts, please drop a mail at "anything"@tyrnannoght. eu or [email protected] so i dont have to find out after some weeks (like the old site) some crotter complained and my site got (nationwide) flagged as a phishing scam , it would be kind and considerate and help to restore a little bit of whats left of my faith in humanity - if i ever do ads it will be sponsors who dont have a stake in decision making, as cryptonites should understand : de-centralization and de-fy (defi) are not about having someone pay you to do their thing with your stuff ... which makes it kinda hard sometimes to get anything off the ground as "you'll never get a job in town again :)"

click the supreme "this way to the info section button"


from there , pick the button that says "screener"


then you get to the screenshots , its standard set to "all"

but you can click "all" or "marked" to select, sometimes i keep shots for longer but the standard "all" section has the last 100


this post will be subject to heavy editing along the way as its supposed to be something like a "man-"page (on linux) which i can link to from the periodic posts, (which makes it handy to have separate sections with some prepped (links - credits - stuff) and content typed during the day or week all cat>> into one file before posting and all that on a need-to-know-basis

I wish i could find my drive again if only half of when i was sampling away so i could be 10% of a Richard Davey class entity and provide 50 versions a year , alas i fear that wont be for this lifetime anymore but
working on this sure makes nights more agreeable than watching tv - - one byte at a time and slowgress is progress

i have no crystal ball and since i no longer have Alice i can see only one timeline - its ofcourse possible that there's only one left ... im afraid im no longer a cosmic overlord since i fell through that hole in space and ended up stuck here

project "dont wait up for it" has had its name confirmed : Tyrnannoght , the city of night ( a journey to World's End )

shrouded in mist
on hilltop lies
the city of night

where Alltingbog resides , the way out maybe , but none who ever ventured beyond the shroud returned


(you know ...)

please donate 100 million euros and your asian supermodels to 1-888-aid-tyrnannoght-the-dark-one

"You are a deviant from the social norm!"
"Is that an insult or a diagnosis?"
Roger Zelazny(creatures of light and darkness)