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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


levels of exhaustion ... it modifies #things and #stuff , lol, but i really dont wanna give away the mechanics

levels of exhaustion / icons ... follow the player around like that,

Well, previous updates on the feed here and also at the zones :


mostly or actually only so far 'limbo' and 'the washed-up beach' (which is in vid , the prototype that is , a small 10.000 tile testmap) so other than that the zones are gathering funds but mostly out-voting (arent i the nice guy) wiht no posts as im not "on that zone yet"

the idea atm is to NOT upload w.u.b. until i start the western tunnels, so when w.u.b. goes live (as limbo atm is present and working ... in firefox at least hah, but i'm not gonna make too much bla about it, if you want to play god of was you buy a ps4 ... if you want to play tyrnannoght, you use Firefox or Chrome, if you dont wanna ?

well then i'm afraid i can't help you :)

yea well, sales is not my department but i need stuff that works and IE/edge doesnt seem to be very phaser friendly :)

gud bem ... the game will be at

https://tyrnannoght.alleycat.be , if you have an active @goldmanmorgan account you can link it and it will set the account to player status (which give no thing really atm but you can playtest limbo with the provided credentials) the only thing is "player" accounts won't be removed after 60 days of inactivity while standard "client" accounts are (thats to prevent clutter) charactergeneration is not online b/c im still tinkering on the structure as it goes along, keep checking here once a week for updates if you like (or not lol)

and otherwise its @goldmanmorgan to get the playcoin ... it WILL be possible to buy 'tickets' and what i call 'insertcoins', concepts i'll explain later or on the site ... but you can get those with your @goldmanmorgan balance as well (for less ... the buying option is for impatient people heheh well, and i do NOT sell playcoin but you CAN internally transfer between morgan - accounts / players)

and and and ... lots lots lots :) #stuff

well i'm serious about it but there's no E.T.A. its my soloproject and i'm gonna keep it that way :)

the zones will later mostly vote on players who add creative contributions by writing, drawing, rendering, sounding off or anything at all to do with the game but for now they are on my autovoter (i mean its a bit of a waste to NOT use the sp , right ? and the curation rewards are awesome ( = lmao)

and then some ...

more numbers here :

thanks for you consideration and let's hope we can fix this thing so it's worth more than the satisfaction of writing a massive program that works hahaaaa

ttyl , gl , gg , gb ...

afk ...


yea well i COULD go on for an hour or longer because its already getting pretty complicated but what i want in essence is a game that's hard with a UI thats "intuitive" and not too much salespitch or media-hype there either (that's just not my thing, i HATE the spotlight but i know some promo will be needed but not before i HAVE something to promote hah, i don't do hype and i already said you can not BUY playcoin to play in the game (buy stuff with etc...) its all part of the masterplan, yes, the "tin-zones will be f2p as you just need the morganbalance, but after that if and when it gets that far i dont think i can pay for servers if i give it all away for free but in essence you'll have five accessibble zones you can just play with voted playcoin, if you like ... Blizzard WoW demo is also just that actually ... if you want more, you pay for the service , i think that sounds pretty good and fair

the "zone funds" are just that, its how much potential loot a zone has (its a game, not a bank you're not gonna be a millionnaire grinding dunesnakes on the beach but the zones increase in steempower as they continue , its kind of an eco-system where i will have modifiers that are relevant to the encounterchance depending on how 'full' or 'drained' a zone is .... like i said ... its getting pretty complex ... but i want something i like .. a 'work' not just a product .. doesnt mean it stays with just this game if i get time and inspo and im alraedy helping on something else

the last thing i am is bored heh

but DIRT POOR AT 17 CENTS PER STEEM EL MAO, bem ... alors

on verra

mh yea, i said this before too but it cant hurt repeating, due to the massive load and number of assets, the required screensize to make it pleasant, i dont really see this happening on smartphones ... i recently discovered however that i can simply dev in full hd resolution with absolute positions and the player can use the browser scaling , like ctrl-+ / - in firefox to put the whole thing in the screensize he or she has and EVERYTHING, and i mean EVERYTHING collides and clicks the way it should which is : WIN!!!! phaser is made of winnnn!!! and takes out a whole chunk of extra trying to get it all relative to fit on every resolution ...

What i DO intend however is a.o. the morgan site which should fit nice on a phonescreen and there have an extension for both "the vault" (bank) and the auction house (which also should fit nicely on a phone screen ....) any small minigames derived from is a BIG maybe , im not into mobile first, i want it greenlit on Steam (valve) ... we shall seeeeeeee hihiiiiiiii

i am not competition, i m an extra asset for the steemchain brewing :)

thanks and hasta la proxima

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